Wonderful ideas that will increase your small living room


Small living room-probably lot of us face this kind of problem and wonder if there is a solution to spread the living room without braking walls. Sure there is, today we will give you some ideas and advices on how to spread a little living room. The little living room should be a comfortable and nicely designed, and in the same time it should be spacey. To make this, throw away any extra things, including accessories and decorative things; leave just 1-4 thing of each kind.interior-design-small-living-roomimage by http://topkhatshop.blogspot.ru/small-living-room-furniture-ideasimage by http://momwith2teens.com/

For a small living room you should use light color and lights. They can visually spread the room. If the room has a lower ceiling, you can put wallpapers with vertical stripes, and the horizontal stripes visually spread the space. If from the windows comes enough daylight, you can experiment with darker colors.small-living-room-ideas-home-interiors-designimage by http://purecontemporary.blogs.com/Small-white-living-room-decorating-ideas-with-fireplace-and-TVimage by http://mjasbl.com/Cottage-Blue small Living-Room ideasimage by http://www.goedekers.com/Wonderful ideas that will increase your small living roomimage by http://francotechnogap.com/

If you have chosen the color of the walls, the next step is the choice of upholstered furniture. Leave at least 80 cm between each piece of furniture; otherwise the room will look too crowded. Also, the furniture will make the movement complicated. It is better to use regular or angled sofa. Use corpus furniture. It is important to properly choose the lightning in the living room. The more the light, the bigger will the room look. Chandelier and a few more lights on the walls or on the floor are ideal solution. Make sure to provide as more daylight as possible, in order to do that, you can put roman blinds on the windows.Wonderful ideas that will increase your small living roomimage by http://xiaoguotu.to8to.com/Wonderful ideas that will increase your small living roomimage by http://www.forfur.com/Likable-Eclectic-Living-Room-With-Table-Lamp-Near-Blue-Sofa-And-Large-Glass-Window-Feats-Large-White-Table-On-Rug-And-Large-Bench-On-Wood-Floor-And-Tv-Waimage by http://www.raenovate.com/eclectic small living-roomimage by http://dhariascloset.blogspot.ru/blue-living-roomimage by http://www.topinteriordesign.ru/Small-Living-room-Decorimage by http://www.giesendesign.com/modern small living room design

exclusive small living-room-designimage by http://www.evtiel.com/Coastal-Living-Room-with-Cream-Mint-Accentimage by http://whiskeyriveraccents.com/shabby chic small living room designimage by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PYpU2kskKU