Wide Leg Pants


Wide leg  pants – One of the rare types of clothes that fit well to almost everybody.  They easily fit in the wardrobe, they are comfortable and practical.  The most important and the simplest rule are “wear baggy pants with a tight shirt or a blouse. If you wear baggy shirt or blouse you will look ridiculous and you will add yourself a few more pounds. Baggy pants are the season trend.  They are suitable for girls who want to wear a long skirt, but also prefer practicality. Baggy pants visually extend the body figure and besides that they can help you to hide the disadvantages of your figure, like for example, thick legsTrendReportWideLegPantsimage  by http://modaobsesionada.blogspot.ru/ TrendReportWideLegPants 1image  by http://fabfashionfix.com/ TrendReportWideLegPants 2 photo by http://www.shdnsm.com/

wide leg pants with Jackets and coats- Their length should be to the waist or they should be tight in order to show your figure.  It looks nice when the blouse is tight and it is inside the pants and on the pants there is a wide stylish belt. The shoe choice depends of the style of the clothes and the cuts of the baggy pants. The best thing is to choose high hills, just pay attention to the pants’ length; the pants should cover the high hillsTrendReportWideLegPants 3 photo by http://fabfashionfix.com/  TrendReportWideLegPants 4 photo by  http://www.vogue.co.uk/ TrendReportWideLegPants 5image  by http://goldstein-goldstein.blogspot.ru/

Wide leg pants with Tunics- Another stylish option which can be warred with baggy pants. The major thing is to choose the right tunic. So if you have very big baggy pants, the tunic should be tight to the body so you won’t look very wide TrendReportWideLegPants 6image  by http://www.harpersbazaar.com/ TrendReportWideLegPants 7 image by http://www.trendirstyle.com/TrendReportWideLegPants 7imege by http://www.harpersbazaar.com/ TrendReportWideLegPants 9 imege  by  http://www.harpersbazaar.com/TrendReportWideLegPants 10image by http://showandtellme.com/

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