White Desert Egypt


White Desert is located in Sahara and occupies a very small area of about 330 square kilometers. White desert is between Egypt Bahariya Oasis and Farafra (about 30 miles north of Farafra). Long ago, before few million years, where today is White Desert was the bottom of the ocean. Today is a huge limestone desert, some figures reach a height of 10 to 12 meters. These oases have been inhabited from 8000 BC to the time of ancient Egypt. White rock that made the mysterious figures, it is nothing but the remains of marine organisms that lived millions of years ago on our planet.white desert egypt image by http://dietmartemps.com/White-Desert-egypt image by http://exploreforayear.com/White-Desert-egyptimage by http://dietmartemps.com/

The desert is really white because karst formations are largely inconsistent with yellow sand. The most beautiful landscapes can be seen at sunset, sunrise or under light of the full moon. Most tourists to reach the White Desert depart from Cairo and spent about 500 kilometers by bus or car. On the road to the White Desert is black desert. Many tourists who come to the White Desert decide on camping and welcomed the dawn of this fantastic place. On territory of the White Desert you can move on foot or by powerful sports cars. As for the wildlife, in the white desert has small rodents, gazelles, foxes, Fenech and camels.WhiteDesert-Egypt-Eveningimage by http://www.holidaybug.co.za/white-desert-in-egyptimage by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farafra,_Egyptmodernmagazin egypt modernmagazin egypt 1image by http://bravnicar.blogspot.ru/modernmagazin egypt 2image by http://bravnicar.blogspot.ru/white-desert-egypt modernmagazin white-desert-egypt-modernmagazinimage by http://sharm-el-sheikh.pl/modernmagazin egypt 3image by http://animalworld.com.ua/

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