Wedge Sneakers Style

Wedge sneakers style today is on top of popularity. Wedge sneakers are universal. You can wear them with a suit, jeans, skirt or pants. They are perfect for shopping, for walks with the children and friends. If you want to use them for sport (running, walking, aerobic etc), buy them with lower heel. Be sure that the height of the heel will not take away your balance. With properly selected sneakers you will look visually taller. It is important for the leg to not look like it is cut, try to create monochromatic siluete. Pants or skirt with pantyhose (thighs) must match in nuances. Wedge sneakers will look nice with shorts in different lengths and fitting tops. Make wedge sneakers style because it is summer pick shorts and shirt, the shorter the shirts, the higher should the heel be. Create more extravagant way with wedge sneakers style, match them with skirt, summer dresses, sundress or a tunic. modernmagazinimage by image by wedge sneakers styleimage by by by sneakers street style image by sneakers street style image by

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