How to Use River Rocks to Beautifully Decorate Your Home


River rocks are most commonly used in landscaping but are actually very versatile design elements. These beautiful accents are also great for decorating your indoor home design as well. Learn how to incorporate these little gems into every corner of your home. Their natural color and round shape make them the perfect rustic chic addition to your décor.

River Rock Backsplash

river rocks 1

This beautiful river rock backsplash is a great way to add an unexpected pop to your kitchen that no one will see coming.

Kitchen Island With Stones

river rocks

Love the river rock backsplash idea? Then this kitchen island is perfect for you too! We love the rustic feel the rocks add to the atmosphere of the space.

Drought Landscape

river rocks 3

This drought landscape with river rocks is a beautiful addition to any garden. The contrast of bright colored garden plants with the neutral colored rocks make for a very aesthetically pleasing look.

Flower Pot

river rocks 4

This rock covered flower pot is so unique and interesting! The black rocks add a clean and sophisticated look to your outdoor design.

Mirror Frame

river rocks 5

Framing a mirror with river rocks is also a great way to turn the ordinary to extraordinary. It will also give your bathroom a tropical feeling you can’t help but relax with when seeing it!

Bathroom Sink

river rocks 6

This river rock bathroom sink display is modern and chic. Everyone will be oohing and aahing at the sight of this unique bathroom design.

Stone Floor Mat

river rocks 7

The stone floor mat is also a great way to integrate these simply beautiful rocks into your home with.

River Rock Bathroom Wall

river rocks 8

Feeling adventurous? Deck out your whole wall with river rocks!

Boot Tray

river rocks 9

Last but not least, our favorite use for river rocks is this chic boot tray! Not only is it useful and functional but also looks way better than the before picture!