Unique Umbrella Designs

Autumn has come, besides the beautiful colors that brings to us, it brings rains that wear melancholy mood. For autumn rains you need an umbrella for a moment that will change your mood. Have you thought about choice of umbrella? The umbrella will be useful for rainy weather. In today’s article provides some creative umbrellas that will break the monotony of autumn rains.parashel_umbrella
umbrella image by http://www.flipflipmeheidi.hr/modernmagazin2image by http://krisha.kz/

1. Umbrella with summer motives.Umbrella with summer motives
image by http://www.uncommongoods.com/

2. Rainbow is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. Umbrella with rainbow lets you see the rainbow even in the rainy season.modernmagazinimage by http://www.fresher.ru/

3. Umbrella in the form of a bag. This umbrella will gladly wear and when no rain. Umbrella in the form of a bag.

4. Umbrella in the form of a bottle. The umbrella is placed in a bag that looks like a bottle and on the bottle were inflicted interesting drawings.modernmagazinimage by http://www.qrbiz.com/

5. This umbrella is very popular in JapanSuper Umbrellaimage by https://design101-forum.udacity.com/

6. Creative umbrella that is designed with a place to sit.Unusual-And-Crazy-Umbrella-DesignsUmbrella-Stoolimage by http://www.wwwebfun.com/

7. Umbrellas “Samurai” is in form of traditional Japanese sword the Japanese Samurai KnightUmbrellas Samuraiimage by http://www.avito.ru/

8. Umbrella with goggles. This umbrella is made ​​of “25Togo Studio”. Ideal for spies and private detectives and is especially interesting for children. Thanks to a small secret window in the form of points, you can see others but they not can see you.GOGGLES umbrellaimage by http://www2.25togo.com/

Childrens umbrellasUmbrellas for childrensimage by http://www.ebay.co.uk/