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Turkey borders with three seas, on the north part with the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea on west. And on south one part of Turkey belongs to Europe, and the other belongs to Asia. The part of Turkey that belongs to Asia is called Anatolia or Little Asia. The European part of Turkey is very small and is only 3 %, it is called Rumelia or East Thrace. The capital city of Turkey is Ankara. Turkey takes a leading position in the tourist business. Sea, sun, excellent service in the hotels in Turkey, offers comfort ability, for the family there is a friendly system-“all inclusive” , rich fun programs, not only for adults, but for children also.turkeyimage by http://nordicapartners.net/turkey holidaysimage by http://myturkeytrip.com/turkey country


The hotels in Antalya, Alania, Kemer, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethye and the other resorts, kindly open their doors for tourist from all over the world. The vacation in Turkey is the best during summer. The swimming season starts on 1st of May and lasts until November. During this period, the temperature don’t fall under 30 degrees Celsius, where everybody can find a gift for the soul, good weather conditions, exciting excursions, beautiful beaches, sea. Except the beach vacation in Turkey there are many opportunities for intellectual development. Turkey is the crib of several big cultures, developing in the Byzantine era, the Roman and the Ottoman Imperia, Turkey today is a land filled with historical and cultural attractions.turkey holidays 1

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The Turkish kitchen is one of the best in the world, and offers a wide specter of delicious dishes and drinks. The priority in the kitchen is given to the foods made out of sheep meat. The traditional Turkish dishes are: doner kebab, and the very popular Dolma. For making Dolma, you need tomatoes, black tomato, paprika, and a grape leaves. Special places in the Turkish kitchen take the deserts. The currency in turkey is the Turkish lira. The state language is Turkish. The bus is one of the most popular transport assets in Turkey. You can go with a cab that is with taximeter (during the night from 24:00 until 06:00 is a double tariff). turkish foodsimage by http://en.wikipedia.org/turkey taxiimage by http://www.wittistanbul.com/

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