Trendy Women Sweaters


Modern knitted sweaters in 2015 were represented on the podium in two main trends. The first trend is a classic which was represented by strict sweaters until romantic. The second trend is a new interpretation of the usual style that tends to be more feminine.

1. Main trend in 2015 is widely knitted sweaters «oversize», these sweaters seem to be stretched. This style of sweater comes from the desire of modern women to feel comfortable in a wide clothing. Cute-Womens-Knitwear-sweater-For-Spring-2015-1.jpg image by sweaterimage by

2.For girls who have a nice body and want to show their attributes in trend are very short sweaters, dresses and skirts.Allude Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 in Parisimage by 2015 sweatersimage by

3.  Knitted sweater with short sleeves or V or with round-expression are in trend, these sweaters can combine with a shirt, blouse thinner, or just wear only them.Trends-I-Can-Work-Light-Knitwear-Trussardiimage by by sweatersimage by


4. Knitted sweaters with large drawings and stylish design with geometric shapes and abstract drawings.Women’s-Sweaters-With-Pants-2015 image by 2015-women-fashion-Womenimage by sweatersimage by

5. Modern knitted sweaters in 2015 and sweaters with accessories of leather and fur. Ladies-Knitwear sweater-For-Spring-Summer-2015-1image by

The range of colors in winter 2015 except for classic rainy and cold weather, gray, brown, black and white, there are juicy and passionate colors – red, green, orange. These are the ones who will be in the spotlight of fashion in 2015.Cute-Womens-Knitwear-For-Spring-2015-image by sweatersimage by’s-Sweaters-With-Pants-2015image by