Things To Do In Singapore

things to do in singapore

For Singapore can safely say that it is one of most uncommon places on earth. Singapore – island, river, city and state in which merged three cultures: Chinese, Indian and Arabic. Singapore, a city – state in Southeast Asia, which is part of the Commonwealth, led by Britain. On territory of Singapore is a small island Singapore (42 km in length and 23 kilometers wide) and several neighboring islands located in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula.modernmagazinimage by travelimage by travel 1 modernmagazin travel 2image by

1. The Fountain of Wealth – the fountain of wealth is built in accordance with the rules of the Taoist practice of symbolic development space Feng Shui, whose goal is to find a favorable flow of Qi energy and its use for the people. It is the largest fountain in the world. Fountain of wealth was opened in 1995, is located in the large Suntec City. Fountain is really great, is among the skyscrapers lit by laser beams. During the show with music and water has laser figures with different images and text.things to do in singapore image by to do in singaporeimage by to do in singapore image by fountain of wealth singaporeimage by fountain of wealth singapore 1image by

2. Ferris wheel “Singapore Flyer“ .It is built on Marina Bay, released in February 2008, his height is 165 metres. It has a beautiful view of the city center, in the bay of Marina Bay, Singapore’s ports, sea ships. The visibility of the Ferris wheel “Singapore Flyer wheel is about 45 kilometers. If you get to the top you can see islands of Malaysia and Indonesia.things to do in singapore singapore flyerimage by by Singapore Flyer, a 42 story high observation wheel, built to give tourists a 360 degree view of Singapore during a 30 minute "flight" in the safety and comfimage by by

3. Botanic Garden of Singapore is located on 64 hectares, was created in 1822. In the garden there are several greenhouses that allow you to become familiar with a wide variety of flora in the world. In Flower Dom supported iswith poplar. Cloud Forest Dome rules here Equatorial wet conditions.Botanic Garden of Singaporeimage by by to do in singapore -singapore botanic gardensimage by to do in singapore -singapore botanic gardens 1image by Singapore Orchid Garden orchidsimage by

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