Thanksgiving Recipes

thanksgiving-turkey Thanksgiving recipes

Thanksgiving recipes are strictly traditional. The main meal for Thanksgiving is turkey. If you do not plan to invite many guests, then it is better not to buy a whole turkey, but only white meat and chicken parts. Traditional  thanksgiving recipes also are peas, corn, broccoli, and other vegetables and a few salads. Of course, there are the stuffed eggs.

Thanksgiving  Turkey Recipe

7 kg turkey
Salt 7st.l.
Brown sugar 4  tsp
Bay leaf 5 sheets
Black pepper 2  tsp
Coriander 2  tsp
Mustard 1  tsp
Cloves 4 pcs
Ginger 20g. (fresh)
Dark beer 1 liter cold water 8 liters
For rubbing:

Adzhika 6  tsp

olive oil 8  tsp
For the sauce: 4 tsp   . Flour, Butter 7 tsp , Bouillon 1.5 liters (contents protven)!
Mashed potatoes!

In a pan put sugar and salt, add the bay leaf, black pepper, coriander, mustard, cloves, finely chopped ginger. Let boil and turn off the oven, leave for 20 minutes to cool. Then add the beer and cold water and put the turkey in the marinade 36- 48 hours in a cool place. Then out of the turkey marinade erased with a dry cloth and is coated with olive oil. Turn on the oven to warm and place turkey to bake at 170 degrees for about 5 hours. Occasionally open the oven and add the broth (chicken soup). Before you bake the turkey, cover with foil.  Attached to the turkey may make mashed potatoes.thanksgiving-turkey Thanksgiving recipes image by turkey recipes with mashed potatoimage by

Thanksgiving  Pumpkin Pie


160 g of flour (80g + 80 g rye whole grain)
60g walnuts
5 g disintegrant
5 g of sugar
2 g of the salt
30 grams of vegetable oil
30 g of boiling water

In a bowl add flour, baking soda, salt, sugar and crushed nuts. In a bowl put butter and boiling water and mix it. With these ingredients we make dough and leave aside.
Then we roll out the dough with a thickness of 3 centimeters and placed in mold to bake. During this time we prepare the filling.Thanksgiving recipes Thanksgiving pumpkin pieimage by

400 g pumpkin
200 grams of yogurt without additives (2.5%)
3 eggs
20 g of starch
80g sugar
1 tsp no slides ground cinnamon
0.25 tsp ground ginger
0.25 tsp grated nutmeg
Clove powder – taste

Pumpkin is cleaned, cut into cubes and boil steam for 30 to 40 minutes. Then place the pumpkin in a blender. Then remove pumpkin and place in blender nuts. Then add the pumpkin and other ingredients. The filling is placed on the base and bake for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes turn off the oven, but let’s stay pie around 10-15 minutes. Then removed from the oven, and leave to cool. Thanksgiving  Pumpkin Pieimage by