Summer Manicure Trends 2014

Beautiful and groomed hands with a perfect manicure are one of the main components of the modern woman. Most of the fashionable girls wander what kind of manicure is in trend for this summer?

1. The main trend for this summer 2014 manicure is nails with natural size with mat lacquer in natural nuances. The shape of the nails should be other round or oval. Long square nails are no longer in trend.summer natural manicureimage by natural manicureimage by natural manicureimage by

2. A manicure in bright and different colors is in trend for this summer 2014. A combination of several colors in one manicure is in trend this summer. The colors can be light and pastel, the most important thing is to match.different-colors-manicure-idea-image by by in bright and different colorsimage by by manicureimage by

3. Every summer in trend there are different drawings on the nails, but in the summer 2014 in trend are nails with stripes. Here there is no limit, dark background, light stripe or vice versa, with horizontal or vertical stripes.nails with stripes manicureimage by with stripes manicure 1image by manicureTutorialimage by by

4. French manicure and moon manicure, summer 2014. The designers suggest making a change in the classic French manicure, the white stripe to be violet, blue or brown and even black color. But instead the usual contrast colors of moon nails use pumpkin color, pastel nuances that are close by color. It is better to use mat lacquer.teal-french-manicureimage by manicure 2014 trendsimage by manicureimage by

5. Sea themed manicure is in trend every summer.Sea themed manicure 2014image by by manicureimage by

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