Small Space Indoor Gardening

No backyard? No problem. Your gardening dreams and aspirations can still be achieved in small indoor spaces and we’re here to show you how!

DIY Steel Mesh Vertical Garden

Indoor Gardening 1

Lana Red Studio

Not only are plants the must-have home accessory of 2016, but they also smell great and add so much to your home. décor. It goes without saying but to fully embrace this trend, you should go for an all out statement wall like this one. The great thing about this project is that it is adjustable to just about any size home.  The steel mesh comes in different sizes and styles, you can hang it on a wall or use it as a room divider, and if you can’t drill holes in a wall you can place it on a flat surface.

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Bar Cart Plant Garden

Indoor Gardening 2

Honestly WTF

The best way to fill empty spaces on bookshelves, accent tables and even bar carts is by using plants, naturally. Using brass vessels also adds a vintage flair to this accent piece. We also love the contrast created by using the cascading succulents and other plants. For a chic addition to any home, this project is perfect.

DIY Skinny Planter Stand

Indoor Gardening 3

A Beautiful Mess

Have an empty area of open wall space? Add this skinny DIY planter stand. The minimalist look of this planter is the perfect accent that won’t conflict with the rest of your home design. You get a pop of gold and a pop of green to brighten your mood every time you pass by it. For instruction on how to install this bad boy click here.

Garment Rack Hanging Garden


Indoor Gardening 4

K Mart

Breathe some life into your living room with this genius hanging garden statement piece! The black minimalist hanger will match any décor and the pop of green from the plants is the perfect eye-catcher. You can plant herbs and place the piece near your kitchen for easy access to them. Make sure to add planters of different hanging heights to create depth.


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