Simple and Stylish- DIY Dye Projects You’ll Love


Permanently dying something may seem a little scary at first, but its also a great way to get big results from your DIY projects with as little effort as possible. Adding a splash of color also gives your design a unique flair that no one else will have. Here are some ideas on how to transform your favorite textiles with a little added color!

Plain Duvet Turned Pink


Livet Hemma
Every wondered if you can get more from your plain old white IKEA duvet? Well now you can! Dye your bed sheets a pale pink to add a pretty color to your room that’s so easy and simple to do! Full instructions here.

Dip Cushions


These DIY Shibori dip cushions are to die for! Walking into a room for the first time you would never guess they were DIY but they are and they are so fun and easy to make. Learn how to here.

Dyed Napkins


Erica Rax
Erika Rax shows us how to take your napkins from bleak to chic! These DIY dip dyed napkins will definitely impress your guests and make you look like the stylish host you are.

Colorful Sheepskin Rug


Paper & Stitch

Dying synthetic materials may sound tricky but its definitely possible with these instructions from Paper & Stitch. Our favorite synthetic material to dye? This IKEA sheepskin rug. It looks much better in pink don’t you think?