Should we stay in touch with our first / former love

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Should we stay in touch with our first / former loves?

Every person during his life and maturation is looking for its ideal partner as she/he become complete and God’s commitment to continuing its species would continue.

Each of us is aware that sometimes even when we are sure that we have met the person that we can say that “it is the person of my life”, however due to certain reasons or circumstances, are not able to stay with that person.first love first love 1 first love image by

Sometimes it is not a single person. Throughout life, often encounter such people, and yet so often left without them, and then throughout life and remember thinking, as well as if you would stay with that person.

But anyway, those people stayed in our memories, or rather in our lives forever.

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The purpose of this article is to give an overview of memories and even meeting our first or former loves, even though they were the ones flawless, child or platonic loves. Are these figures means something for us today, and if those memories or possible meetings represent sin and whether they threaten the safety of our marriage.

Now that we live in an era of mass media and electronic communication devices is much easier to stay in touch with someone, or even to find that person that we have ever been to and that still has a place in our own heart.first love 5 image by


I will not mention that person, for a reason that today is a family woman, mother and wife, but when she read this article, she will recognize herself, but I can only express my own position in relation to the main topic in the article.

If ever you wanted a person and that person remained in your thoughts and in your heart after so many years, then that person still means something to you. And if you meet with this person, I do not see that it’s a sin, and if anyone’s actually got so much love, that love should not be kept inside, and waiting to be jammed with it, but feel free to let express to the person who loves and wants, but in a way that no one will be hurt.first love 6 first love 10 image by



Love lives FOREVER…..