Separate Your Rooms Without Walls-Clever Divider Ideas For Every Home

The open floor plan has become the latest trend in interior design, but with all that open space many people are left wanting more division among spaces to get rid of the “empty” feeling. More and more people want the visual flow of their homes to transmit a feeling that nothing is lacking and having general dividers between spaces with different functions. Here are some clever room divider ideas that will divide seamlessly and integrate perfectly into any floor plan!

Book Shelf

Walls-Clever 1

Walls-Clever 2

A massive bookshelf is a great way to separate rooms with different functions, in this case a living room and dining room. Not only does it look amazing, but the bookshelf also adds much needed storage space. A win-win for all!


Walls-Clever 3

Walls-Clever 4

A flowy curtain is another great way to divide spaces in your home. This ingenious divider adds an airy feel to the space but also allows for the privacy you want.

Decorative Separator

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Walls-Clever 6

Another way to divide spaces is by using a decorative separator or elegant paravan. These inviting and opening dividers provide a transparent separation that is inviting and functional.

Wooden Branch

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Using wooden branches as dividers is a beautiful, unique and eye catching way to separate spaces in your home. They add a rustic style to your interior design.

Plant Divider

Walls-Clever 9

We love the fresh and modern feeling this plant divider gives to any room. The sleek shape looks beautiful and adds life to the interior design of your home.

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