Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is formed in the Nordic countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Harsh climate, little sunlight, long winters, is why the Scandinavian interiors are filled with light and freedom. The main features of Scandinavian design are simplicity and naturalness. Therefore, Scandinavian interiors contain a minimum of decoration and are made ​​in light natural tones of natural materials and simple, but looks unique and original. contemporary-bathroom scandinavian interior design bathroomimage by by

Palette of colors in Scandinavian style consists of bright pastel shades. Here’s the obligatory presence of warm colors, yellow, milky, bright terracotta color that emphasizes striving to heat and sunlight. Also, in Scandinavian style dominates blue, white, and allowed to use soft shades of green, shades of gray, turquoise and yellow. Scandinavian interior is characterized in that there is not much furniture.

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Upholstery of furniture can be in strong colors. Choosing a strong color for the carpet, pillows and rugs will make a room with white walls and light wood furniture, to be unusual and joyous. Low and bright furniture of natural materials is characteristic for Scandinavian interiors. Most often for the production of furniture is used wood in bright colors, usually bright trees, juniper or pine.

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The surface of the walls as if by rule is a ton of color. On the walls are put images and photos with thin frames. For this style is the fact that the windows should be great for them to be made into curtains but maximum daylight. On the windows can be placed blinds, to be lifted up to the maximum for natural light to enter.

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