Rule-Breaking Home Designs That Work

Sometimes, it’s okay to break the rules. Nothing reflects that more than these 5 houses who have rebelled against traditional design and gone off the beaten path to reveal new and better setups.

The overly obedient might want to look away, because rules are about to be broken…

Covered Outdoor Dining Spills Onto a Courtyard in This Tropical Home

Rule-Breaking 1

By creating outdoor covered spaces for dining and car parking Laneway House manages to pack a lot of space onto a tight site. We started Monday with a modern home in the middle of a street filled with quaint old Queenslanders (the architectural equivalent of a bright pink mo-hawk in the middle of a business meeting), but we think Laneway House pulls it off, what do you think?

Outdoor ‘Rooms’ Create the Perfect Breakout Zones for This Home

Rule-Breaking 2

The reordering and extension of this Art Deco home frames a view of an existing and prolific cumquat tree at the rear of the property. On Tuesday we took a look at an extension to an Art Deco home that’s not afraid to show off it’s modern style.

THAT House Defies Its Neighbours In Every (Good) Way Possible

Rule-Breaking 3

A new home in a neighborhood of large houses scales back the status quo to provide ‘just the right amount of space’ for a family. While Wednesday we worried about the fearless family who sit casually on the edge of their first floor at THAT House (seriously, what are they doing up there?), which dared to be defiantly smaller than its overgrown neighbors.