Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Cold watermelon cocktails

In the summer we are always thirsty and want to drink something, it is completely normal, because with the sweat in the warm summer days, we lose one liter liquid every hour! Today we will give you idea how to turn off the thirst in this summer hot days, how to make a summer refreshing cocktails.

Cold watermelon cocktails
200 gr chopped seedless watermelon flesh,
4-6 ice cubes
1 tsp honey

How to prepare Cold watermelon cocktails

In a blender put the ice to chop, than add watermelon and blend for a minute. Then add honey and blend it to mix well.

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Strawberry lemon mojito 
200 ml gold rum
60 ml fresh lemon juice;
60 ml of syrup from sugar cane;
6 slices of lemon;
4-6 strawberries;
mint leaves (20-25pieces);
ice (cubes and crushed).

How to prepare Strawberry lemon mojito 

In a shaker( if you don’t have a shaker at home, you can use a bottle or a jar with wide top), put lemon, strawberry, mint and mix well, then add broke ice, rum, lemon juice and a cane syrup. Shake well. Decorate with strawberries or mint.Strawberry lemon mojito cocktailsimage by

Strawberry lemon mojito cocktails


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