Reclaimed Wood Headboards

We have already mentioned that in the bedroom interior the headboards of the bed is of big importance, with using a wood  headboards you can give the room a romantic style. Today’s article we will commit to wood headboards. Wooden headboard is a rustic style. A headboard made of wood is something new. The older and ware off the three, the better. You can make wooden headboard, with using wooden pallets, boards etc. if you don’t like it, it can gave abnormal deviations. You can make the headboard tight or wide but only if this type of configurations is in harmony with the whole room. There are no limits to the headboard’s height. In contrast, the taller the headboard, the nicer the bed. A headboard made of untreated wood gives the bed an attractive look.DIY-Barnwood-Headboards
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reclaimed wood headboards ideas
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  1. June 6, 2014

    […] Most of us like to read in bed or watch TV in bed. A bed without a headboard it’s not comfortable, and often occurs for us to put pillows or something similar behind us. The headboard except practical has an esthetic function also; it should fit in the interior of our bedroom. You can make any kind of headboard in a factory, but the best one is that one that is made by your own hands, on the beginning you should decide for what size and in what color you want the headboard to be. You can use whatever material you have at home, in your garage or your warehouse. Most often these materials are pallets, wood leftovers etc. for the lovers of leather, you can make the headboard out of leather; for example, wrap the wood with sponge and then with leather. The leather can be made as one piece, or divide it to several parts, it all depends from your taste and wish. As a headboard you can put wrought iron or something similar. For the lovers of ethnic style, a headboard can be knitted. It looks interesting when instead of a headboard there is a drawing, wallpaper or something similar. This can be made by you. Take a piece of fabric, and draw something on it, put embroidery on it or just glue a picture that you like.More for headboard look to […]

  2. October 3, 2014

    […] Reclaimed Wood Headboards Modern Magazin source […]

  3. January 19, 2015

    […] Mi casa ideal de montaña tendría este aspecto […]

  4. March 31, 2015

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