From Pinterest to Reality – DIY Projects Tested

You’re mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest when a DIY project catches your eye. “It couldn’t be that hard, right?” So you give it a shot and curse the fact that they made it look so easy online. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Watch Savannah And Stuff test all your favorite DIY projects before you take a crack at it yourself.

CD Art

From Pinterest 1



Black Acrylic Paint

Screw Driver

How to:

Paint the CD with black acrylic paint

Once the paint is dry, etch out a cool design using the screw driver.

Washi Tape Wall Circles

From Pinterest 2


Washi Tape

Wax Paper

How to:

Cut a sheet of wax paper and lay it flat.

Lay out washi tape in overlapping strips on the wax paper

Cut out circles from the washi tape/wax paper

Peel off the wax paper

Paste the washi tape circle on your wall for a decorative flair!

Mod Podge Coasters

From Pinterest 3


Roll of Cork

Mod Podge


Round Glass

How to:

Trace out a circle using the round glass from the cork roll

Cut out circle with exacto knife

Find a picture you like in the magazine and cut out a circle of it

Add a layer of mod podge on to the coaster

Add the photo and another layer of mod podge to merge the two


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