Pine Cone Crafts

In every part of year we can use natural elements for home decor. For traditional autumn – winter element to decorate are pine cone. To decorate the house with pine cone don’t need many resources and skills, enough is fantasy and desire. Pine cones are easily available material, you can pick up while walking in the park. Pine cones are easy to work, easy to paint and to change the format. If you have collected many pine cones with different sizes, of them can make a wreath. The wreath can be set in the interior and on outside door.pine cone-wreath image by Cone crafts Wreath-Tutorial

From pine cones you can make decorations for the Christmas tree. Pine cone garland, to decorate the fireplace, stairs, set above the door or somewhere else in the house. Cones can paint and put them in a translucent glass container and put on the table, or anywhere else. The more creative you can experiment and make light of them. Cones can be found on the table, they can make napkin rings and table decorations. Using cones can make Christmas tree. Decorate the chandelier with cones.pine cone craftspomanderimage by Pine cone-Garland-image by cone craft decorimage by  home decor image by by from pine cone craftsimage by candeleimage by coneimage by pinecone-Christmas-treeimage by by by

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