Peaceful Highways to Get You Through The Holiday Traffic Rush

It may be hard to remember a time where traffic wasn’t an issue and roads were as clear as crystal balls, but they did exist once upon a time. With summer vacation right around the corner you might be considering a road trip, although being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic is not a glorious way to spend your holiday. So if you’re planning on traveling, you’ll need to gather every bit of meditative energy inside you to stay patient on the roads. Because, spoiler alert: They will be busy.

This isn’t exclusive to holiday weekends. AAA reports there will be more than 38 million people traveling on Memorial Day weekend, the second-highest volume on record and the highest since 2005. Most probably the lowest gas prices in more than a decade are to thank for that — nine out of 10 travelers will be on the road, an increase of 2.1 percent since last year.

Overall, 700,000 more people will travel this year compared to last year. Whoa!

Luckily, we’ve put together a photo collage that will give you much needed respite from the crowded roads. We also suggest a bottle of ice cold water, a good audio book, and, well, a full tank of gas.

And if you’re not traveling, these photos are absolutely stunning anyway.

Traffic Rush 1 Traffic Rush 2 Traffic Rush 3 Traffic Rush 4