Pasta Salad Recipe

pasta salad recipe

Ingridients for pasta salad:

Fresh asparagus – 500 Gram
Pasta – 500 grams (preferably in the form of a spiral)
Tomatoes – 2 pieces (preferably tomato cherry (8 pieces))
Red onion – 1/2 pieces
Artichokes – 100 gram
Parmesan cheese – 80 gram

How to prepare Pasta Salad

Take 500 grams of fresh asparagus and wash it with cold water. Cut it on tiny pieces. In salty water put the macaroni to boil, before the macaroni are cooked add the asparagus and boil until the macaroni are cooked. Then drain them and leave them to cool, in meanwhile chop the tomatoes, the onion, and the olives and put them together with the macaroni. Here add 100grams of artichoke and grated parmesan. Make a dressing in a small plate; add olive oil, vinegar, and cracked garlic, salt, pepper put the top on and shake well. With this dressing cover the macaroni salad. Cover the salad and leave it in the fridge for about 30-60 minutes.Pasta-Salad-Recipe image by salad recipeimage by by salad recipe

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