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Decorative concrete in interior

Decorative concrete 6

Concrete in architecture is often associated with the construction of many multi- storey homes.Contemporary architecture today gives designers a tremendous opportunity to use concrete inside.Depending on the concept , concrete may be perfectly smooth surface or reproduce any image of the walls.Decorative concrete structures is one of the most visible elements in public buildings and homes.Concrete  has a wide range of application in interior design.He is an ideal solution for industrial and minimalist style.Very interesting combination are bare concrete wals with richly decorated interiors creates contrast and eclecticism.Concrete is easy to operate and does not require special care.Concrete is easy to clean, withstands corrosive environments perfectly, good abrasion resistance and pressure, and simply slip under footDecorative concrete image by http://www.homedsgn.com/Decorative concrete image by http://ootdmagazine.com/ Decorative concrete  image by http://blog.insidecor.cz/Decorative concrete  image by http://www.dominnowacji.pl/Decorative concrete image by http://www.designerhk.com/ Decorative concrete 6  image by http://locoboy.com/Decorative Concrete-tiles-modern-fireplace-7 image by http://paloform.com/ Decorative concrete   image by http://blog.insidecor.cz/Decorative concrete   image by http://www.giesendesign.com/Decorative Concrete-kitchen-island-countertops 1  image by http://www.homegue.com/Industrial+Bedrooms+Interior+Design with  decorative concrete image by http://www.interiorclip.com/

Crafts For Kids

craft for kids

Children would gladly like to be included in any kind of art –drawing with pencils , crayons or paint ,modeling ,making applications of paper or natural materials.Encourage your children desire for creative work- they contribute to the holistic development of the child. When children see the result of his work, it gives a lot of positive emotions suddenly it feels proud of its achievements. There is confidence, a willingness to engage in further creativity.help your child but  don’t  make for it. Of course, children’s work does not look like a work of art, but in this age the creative process is more important than the final resultcraft for kids image by http://florystyczneinspiracje.blogspot.ru/craft for kids image by  http://www.el-osra.com/craft for kids craft for kids  image by http://www.artistshelpingchildren.org/craft for kids image by  http://www.chickabug.com/ craft for kids image by http://classearam.blogfa.com/ craft for kids  image by http://hobbyworkshops.blogspot.ru/craft for kids   image by http://www.favecrafts.com/craft for kids  image by http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.ru/craft for kids  image by http://www.artsyants.com/craft for kids   image by http://craftsforkidsblog.com/craft for kids image by http://www.lifewithlovebugs.com/

Should we stay in touch with our first / former love

first love

Should we stay in touch with our first / former loves?

Every person during his life and maturation is looking for its ideal partner as she/he become complete and God’s commitment to continuing its species would continue.

Each of us is aware that sometimes even when we are sure that we have met the person that we can say that “it is the person of my life”, however due to certain reasons or circumstances, are not able to stay with that person.first love first love 1 first love image by http://www.bettertogether3-31.com/

Sometimes it is not a single person. Throughout life, often encounter such people, and yet so often left without them, and then throughout life and remember thinking, as well as if you would stay with that person.

But anyway, those people stayed in our memories, or rather in our lives forever.

first love 2

first love.9 image by http://lovequotes-loveimages.blogspot.ru/


The purpose of this article is to give an overview of memories and even meeting our first or former loves, even though they were the ones flawless, child or platonic loves. Are these figures means something for us today, and if those memories or possible meetings represent sin and whether they threaten the safety of our marriage.

Now that we live in an era of mass media and electronic communication devices is much easier to stay in touch with someone, or even to find that person that we have ever been to and that still has a place in our own heart.first love 5 image by www.crazy-frankestein.com


I will not mention that person, for a reason that today is a family woman, mother and wife, but when she read this article, she will recognize herself, but I can only express my own position in relation to the main topic in the article.

If ever you wanted a person and that person remained in your thoughts and in your heart after so many years, then that person still means something to you. And if you meet with this person, I do not see that it’s a sin, and if anyone’s actually got so much love, that love should not be kept inside, and waiting to be jammed with it, but feel free to let express to the person who loves and wants, but in a way that no one will be hurt.first love 6 first love 10 image by http://klostermans.devote.se/



Love lives FOREVER…..

Living Room Design Ideas

luxury living room interior design ideas

The living room has traditionally been considered a central room in the house , because the living room was marked at most place . The living room should be spacious room. The living room is designed for family, celebration of holidays and for receiving guests. Interior of the living room should be balanced by a combination of style, beauty and comfort. When choosing furniture for the living room, you can show all your imagination. Very comfortable and functional furniture is furniture sets. If you often like to do rearranging the furniture, it is best to buy modular furniture which can be easily moved around the room. The living room is usually divided into two zones, guest’s zone, and zone for fun and relaxation. To distinguish between these two zones use different techniques starting different colors, ending with the layout of the furniture.luxury living room interior design ideasimage by http://www.giesendesign.com/ luxury living room interior design ideas image by http://rmeeq.com/

Lighting.  Light in the living room plays a big role and creates additional comfort. During the day, there must be enough sunlight in the evening when guests will gather, big chandelier above the table gives an atmosphere of festivity and celebration. Floor lamps and floor lamps create an atmosphere in upholstered furniture, while the central chandelier or ceiling unusual lighthouse will give unusual splendor and solemnity of the room.living room design living room interior design photo by http://greatfurnituredeal.com/ living room design  image by http://www.thecelebritypix.com/living room design image by http://www.interiorclip.com/

Color of the walls in the living room. Choosing the color of the walls is of particular importance, because on the basis of color creates an atmosphere in the living room. What are the latest trends? Modern life requires soft and soothing colors. In such a room it is more comfortable and enjoyable to sit. The walls of the living room you can decorate with various decorative elements, part of the wall is a tapestry of family photos.luxury living room interior design ideas 8  image by http://richtigteuer.de/luxury living room interior design ideas 8 image by http://www.yasamca.net/ living room design ideas 8 image by http://www.ledidesign.ru/ living room design image by http://casinhacolorida-simone.blogspot.ru/  living room design image by http://artesanatositatiara.blogspot.ru/

Womens High Heels

diy heels shoes projects

Often we are going to want to expand our wardrobe. Simplest solution and first solution that comes to our minds is to visit several stores and spend unseemly amount to get something new. And what if we do not want to spend or do not have enough money? A little time and imagination, and the old stuff will receive a new, original look. In today’s article we’ll give you some ideas how to restore your shoes. For beginning choose a pair of shoes to work on. Then determine which is the robe you are going to wear them with and where you will wear shoes and finally of course their design. During the renewal of your shoes pay attention to the material which are made off, ​​not to damage them.diy heels shoes projects image by http://forums.fatakat.com/diy heels shoes projects image by http://www.couturella.com/diy heels shoes projectsdiy heels shoes projects photo by http://seyma34.blogspot.ru/diy heels shoes projects 4 image by http://customizomoda.blogspot.ru/diy heels shoes projects 4  diy heels shoes projects 6diy heels shoes projects 6 image by http://recicladesignbrasil.wordpress.com/diy heels shoes projects 7image by http://recicladesignbrasil.wordpress.com/diy heels shoes projects 8image by http://insidelookcustomiza.blogspot.ru/

Wide Leg Pants


Wide leg  pants – One of the rare types of clothes that fit well to almost everybody.  They easily fit in the wardrobe, they are comfortable and practical.  The most important and the simplest rule are “wear baggy pants with a tight shirt or a blouse. If you wear baggy shirt or blouse you will look ridiculous and you will add yourself a few more pounds. Baggy pants are the season trend.  They are suitable for girls who want to wear a long skirt, but also prefer practicality. Baggy pants visually extend the body figure and besides that they can help you to hide the disadvantages of your figure, like for example, thick legsTrendReportWideLegPantsimage  by http://modaobsesionada.blogspot.ru/ TrendReportWideLegPants 1image  by http://fabfashionfix.com/ TrendReportWideLegPants 2 photo by http://www.shdnsm.com/

wide leg pants with Jackets and coats- Their length should be to the waist or they should be tight in order to show your figure.  It looks nice when the blouse is tight and it is inside the pants and on the pants there is a wide stylish belt. The shoe choice depends of the style of the clothes and the cuts of the baggy pants. The best thing is to choose high hills, just pay attention to the pants’ length; the pants should cover the high hillsTrendReportWideLegPants 3 photo by http://fabfashionfix.com/  TrendReportWideLegPants 4 photo by  http://www.vogue.co.uk/ TrendReportWideLegPants 5image  by http://goldstein-goldstein.blogspot.ru/

Wide leg pants with Tunics- Another stylish option which can be warred with baggy pants. The major thing is to choose the right tunic. So if you have very big baggy pants, the tunic should be tight to the body so you won’t look very wide TrendReportWideLegPants 6image  by http://www.harpersbazaar.com/ TrendReportWideLegPants 7 image by http://www.trendirstyle.com/TrendReportWideLegPants 7imege by http://www.harpersbazaar.com/ TrendReportWideLegPants 9 imege  by  http://www.harpersbazaar.com/TrendReportWideLegPants 10image by http://showandtellme.com/