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Decorative Pillows

DIY-Decorative-Pillow- 5

The pillows are a nessesery element in every interior.  With the pillows you can easily decorate your interior. Handmade decorative pillows are a guarantee that you will not find such an element in any other interior. Decorative pillows should look more alive and interesting, like for example, a drawing of fruit or flowers on the pillows looks very nice. To make the bedspread of the pillows you should measure the length and the width of the pillows. Then you should add 1 cm. free space, and 1 cm on the edges. The front side of the bedspread for the decorative pillow may be made of whole piece of fabric which you can decorate with small applications. You can combine parts of colorful fabrics. The color and the shape of the decorative pillow should match with the interior, like for example, on the blue sofa a perfect contrast is an orange decorative pillow.


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DIY pillows made with glue!

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DIY-Decorative-Pillow- 4

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DIY-Decorative-Pillow- 4

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DIY-Decorative-Pillow- 4

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DIY-Decorative-Pillow- 4


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TOP 2 Healthy Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt

Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt

Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt


Potatoes 500 g
2 stalks of green onion
2 teaspoons capers
Olives, pitted 10 pieces
100 g feta cheese
1 tablespoon dill
Extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon
½ teaspoon sugar
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
Greek yogurt ¼ cup
Sea salt ½ teaspoon
black pepper


Clean the potatoes and chop them into small pieces, then place them in boiling salted water to cook. Once you cook the potatoes drain and leave to cool. In a small bowl, put the sugar in the lemon juice and add olive oil, Greek yogurt, salt and pepper. And mix well.

In the other dish where the potatoes are, add chopped green onion, capers, halved olives, feta cheese and chopped dill and mix well. Pour Greek yogurt above it.

Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt

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Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt

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Potato Salad With Greek Yogurtimage by http://hopeeternalcookbook.wordpress.com/

Healthy Potato Salad with greek yogurt

Potatoes 500 g
Green onions a few stems
3 tsp capers
120 g feta cheese
olive oil
Half a teaspoon of sugar
lemon juice
Greek yogurt
Tomato 1 piece
Salt to taste


Clean potatoes and put them to boil in salted water. When they are cooled peel and chop them in small pieces. In a bowl place the sugar, lemon juice, add olive oil, yogurt, salt and pepper. Mix well .Than add feta cheese and tomatoes chopped into small pieces.

In the potatoes, add chopped green onion, capers, olives are cheese and chopped dill and mix well. Pour the dressing of the yogurt and mix again.Greek potato saladimage by http://www.cinnamonspiceandeverythingnice.com/new potato saladimage by http://www.craftybroads.com/Greek potato salad 2image by http://www.kudoskitchenbyrenee.com/


Easter Craft For Kids

easter craft for kids

Easter is the oldest holiday. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, which come after the vernal equinox. Preparing for Easter with the kids it’s not only fun, but also useful. These trades have a positive impact on the creative development of your children and they built part of the traditions of our people. Today we will show you how to make Easter decorations with children. Children are always welcomed for joint creativity and love when they help, so if you have free time spend it with your kids creatively. You need to start a course with Easter eggs. Eggs are certainly present at the festive table and are a symbol of the Easter holiday. Decorating eggs is a kind of ritual, but for children it is a great opportunity to take part in the festive preparations and have fun and create.

easter craft for kids

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easter craft for kids
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PaperBag easter craft for kids3

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EasterEggCraftimage by http://www.inspiritoo.com/EasterEggCraft 1image by http://www.mybestcv.co.il/hoppy easter craft for kidsimage by http://www.picstopin.com/


image by http://www.kublog.ru/easter-egg-idea-decoration-egg-tree-table-centerpiece-project-craft-steps-tutorial-cute-decoupage-mod-podge-paper-napkins-easy-dollar-store-craft-favoursimage by http://www.onceokuloncesi.com/Easy DIY Easter Basket Table Decor Idea image by http://foxhollowcottage.com/





Modern Office Furniture

modern office furniture

Modern style- is a relative modern style in decorating furniture, which was created in the European countries in the end of 19-20 century. Office furniture in modern style is functional and simple and it can be easily identified with soft and smooth lines. The office furniture is very important for the image of the company, and it is furniture without any modern office can be.  The office furniture is a functional base of the work interior, and its main goal is to create a comfortable environment for working. If the office furniture is chosen properly, that can help in improving the image of the company and will give a positive impression to the potential partners and clients. The office furniture covers a very wide range of furniture: desks, computer tables, and chairs, lockers, cabinets, shelves, frame etc. the modern office tables and chairs may adjust for the required height (the chairs with a lifting mechanism).  According to the purpose, the modern office furniture is divided to: furniture for reception, rooms for meetings, office furniture and furniture for the director. The most expensive furniture is the furniture for the director because it is made of the most quality material.

modern office furniture

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modern office furniture

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modern office furnitureimage by http://www.artearchitectural.net/modern office furniture 3image by http://www.resimler.co/

modern office furniture

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modern office furniture

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modern office furniture



the modern office

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modern office furniture

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modern office furniture

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modern office furniture

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modern office furniture

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Decorating Glass Bottles

decorative glass bottles 1

If after some celebration, you have a nice empty glass bottle of alcohol, don’t rush to throw it away. By using the technique of decoration you can easily convert it into a wonderful decorative element which will decorate your interior, and these decorated bottles will not only decorate the interior, but they may have a functional purpose as a flower vase or lampdecorative glass bottles 1image by http://www.homebunch.com/

  1. Decorating Glass Bottles fruit and vegetables

Fill bottles with fresh vegetables or fruit.

For this it is necessary to take any fresh vegetables or fruit, the most important thing for this decoration is the fruit to fit in the bottle: it may be carrots, pepper slices, beans or peas, raspberries cherries. If you want to put objects in a bottle you will need a long stick to put them in with.


decorating glass bottles

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decorating glass bottlesimage by http://www.wikihow.com/

2 Decorating Glass Bottles with thread

For this you need a thread ribbons in various colors. With decorating you start from the bottom of the bottle. The bottle should be well lubricated with glue. And how

you decorate depends of your fantasy

decorative glass bottles 3

image by http://www.etsy.com/
decorative glass bottles 3image by http://www.pinterest.com/pin/10836855327011182/decorative glass bottlesimage by http://catiamakeupblog.blogspot.ru/

3 Decorating Glass Bottles  with paper

To decorate the bottle of newsprint, you need color paper, acrylic color glue and varnish. You don’t need to take the label of the bottle away. Spread the bottle with glue and paste the paper on. The paper may be some drawing you like. Glue the paper evenly.

decorative glass bottles

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decorative glass bottles

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decorative glass bottles


image by  http://eatcraftplay.wordpress.com/

4  Decorating Glass Bottles  in a nautical style

A bottle decorated in nautical theme will look very nice. For the decoration you will need one bottle, a thread in a neutral shade, shells, sand, or salt.
Glue the shells on the bottle, and fill the space between them with sand or salt.
You can decorate a bottle with acrylic color and if you love painting you can draw something on the bottle, the only thing you need is to put on top of the color acrylic lacquer.

decorative glass bottles

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Nail Trends Spring-Summer 2014

nail trends

Beautiful and tender hands are always in. by the hand of a woman, you can guess her age. What kind of manicure is in this spring-summer 2014? Short nails and pastel colors are in this season.  It is not surprising that in every warm season the light colors are fashionable. If you want to have tender nails this spring-summer 2014, look at the pastel shades of pink, blue, beige, green

nail trends

nail trends

nail trends

nail trends

nail trends

nail trendsThis season trendy will be black and white nail polish. I want to say one more time, that the nails should be short, and in their natural shape. (Oval). I for you this length is unusual, than it is better to decide to make your nails in the Nude style.

Nail Trends Spring-Summer 2014 6

Nail Trends Spring-Summer 2014 6

image by http://www.caysua.info/

Nail Trends Spring-Summer 2014 6image by http://webstage.bg/

French manicure Inverted  spring  summer 2014- upside down moon on the top of the nails. It looks nice in every color. Nail Trends Spring-Summer 2014 9image by http://www.vogue.com/

Nail Trends Spring-Summer 2014 image by http://caysuagiong.org/Nail Trends Spring-Summer 2014 image by http://www.caysua.info/