DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Cozy and comfortable bathroom is a very important thing for all of us. All of us want to come to a nice bathroom that will help us relax, reduce the stress, after a tough day, and give us a moment away from the daily worries. The most beautiful bathrooms are made with the combination of three most important factors: the right choice of techniques, building material, and a well designed plan. You can change the look of the ceiling, walls, furniture and mirrors, with vinyl stickers, self-adhesive tapes. Also you can glue little figures on it, with using self-adhesive tapes. A perfect solution for every bathroom will be decorative screens, which are put directly under the tub or the sink, with which you can hide all unnecessary things.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Bathroom Renovation Ideasimage by

Bathroom Renovation Ideas 2

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas 2

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas 2

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Brick Floor Design Ideas


Interior with brick is a new trend in interior decor, which can be used anywhere. The floor of brick gives the old charm and creates an atmosphere of mystery and individuality. The easiest and not particularly expensive variants are: floor under the brick wall paper. It can be colored wallpaper that imitates brick just below the invoice or colored backgrounds that mimic the texture and all external shades. Vinyl brick under a well set up in the hallway. brick floor hallway into kitchenimage by flooor living roomimage by floor kitchen ideasimage by

The floor is a place where dirt and dust brought from the street are the most represented and the hall is the place through which we must pass. Brick vinyl flooring in the hallway must be beautiful, durable and does not require special care. The floor is of brick in various colors, shapes, and patterns. Yet for many of us it can be difficult to imagine how it will look under the brick our home as an interior. You can use natural floors and brick, they look really nice. The floor of the brick is extremely durable and can last for years without needing much in the way of maintenance or repair. Cleaning the floor of the brick is simple but certainly should be regularly cleaned.brick floors homebunchimage by floor image by floor 1image by floor  kitchenimage by interior-decorating-ideas-inspiring-rustic-indoor-living-space-decoration-design-ideas-with-old-brick-floors-vintage-rectangular-wood-dining-table-and-vintage-wood-cupboard-oimage by

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Stuffed Baked Potatoes Recipes


Stuffed Baked Potatoes 


Eggs –                 2 pcs.
Sour cream –  4 tbsp
Swiss cheese – 100 g
Butter –              30 g
Salt – to taste
Potato medium – 4


The potatoes need to be washed, peeled, (optional) and boiled in salted water to soften slightly for about 5-10 minutes. Then you need to leave them to cool and you need to pull out the middle. The eggs, cream, butter, grated bread, need to be mixed well and you need to fill the potatoes with this mix. On the top you need to put a little oil and grated cheese. Put them to bake in the preheated oven until theyturn golden brownegg-stuffed-baked-potato-recipeimage by


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stuffed potatoes 3

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Decorating Coffee Table Ideas

Decorating coffee table with plain tile mosaic

The tray is an essential attribute of almost any interior; it is very practical and comfortable thing. But like the rest of the furniture in our home and coffee table over time loses his good looks and ceases to be in interior decoration. This does not mean you have to immediately throw away your old coffee; you can decorate it with your own hands. For you it is enough to decide how you want to decorate on your coffee table and what you have available from the material for decorating home. Select the proper technique and see the suggested ideas.


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Decorating coffee table with plain tile mosaic

Coffee table can be decorated with plain tile mosaic, which is easy to find on the market or plumbing store. If you have them home even better. Mosaic as decoration is a great mask for cracks and scratches on coffee table.Decorating coffee table with plain tile mosaicimage by

mosaic-tile-desorating coffee table

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Painted Coffee Table

Painted color coffee table. It is enough to have two contrasting colors to create a beautiful picture of your coffee table. You can show your talent and draw something on the coffee table; if you are not such a great painter, you can make a template and follow him to inflict drawing.Decorating coffee tableimage by decorating-ideas-image and instructions by

coffee-table-painted decorating-ideas- 3

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DIY Decoupage Coffee Table

Decoupage-This is a coffee table decoration by gluing pieces of leather, fabric, paper and other materials.Decoupage coffee-table- decorating-ideas- 5image and instructions by

_decoupage coffe tableimage by decorating coffe tableimage by


Salmon Risotto Recipe

salmon risotto recipe 4

Healthy Salmon Risotto Recipe


Trout               160g

Arborio rice 200g

Shallots         50 g

Parmesan cheese 50 g

Butter             40g

Dill                    5 g

Lemons          40 g

1 clove of garlic

Vegetable broth  650 g

Dry white wine  70 ml

Olive oil              25ml


Clean and finely chop the onion and garlic. Grate the parmesan paste and put the vegetable soup to boil. Put a little butter in the pot and fry the onions on medium heat then add the garlic and rice and sauté another 2-3 minutes. Then add 70 ml dry white wine, and then let it to boil a little and leave it warm and let it boil for 20-25 minutes. Drain the lemon dill diced and chopped them and paste into the rice add salt and pepper then add the remaining butter and add Parmesan and mix well again,  then add the rest of the butter on trout and let it boil for about  10-20 minutes. When you serve it you can put parmesan and dill on it.

salmon risotto recipe healthy

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salmon risotto recipe 2

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healthy salmon risotto


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Kitchen Design Ideas


In every house or apartment design of kitchen should be such that all appliances, furniture, communication needs to be connected and to be functional. Lumping a kitchen design is a very important point in forming the style of your kitchen.
Before starting designing the kitchen, you need to know the basics on how many family members whether the kitchen will only be home, or you will only entertain guests in it.
Where you will be eating diner, in the kitchen or in dining room separate? How much time do you spend in the kitchen cooking? Try to answer these questions because they largely will initially determine the interior design of the kitchen.rustic kitchen designimage by by by

The galley kitchen furniture is parallel to the walls. This type of designing the kitchen is suitable for narrow space where the window is located opposite the entrance to the room. Minimum size of a kitchen is – 240 cm, because you need at least 120 cm in the center of the field and free place for opening the door of lockers. Refrigerator is better to put on a wall and the stove and the sink opposite

galley-kitchen modern

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Angle kitchen most practical in terms of efficient use of space, and in most cases we recommend to set smaller apartments. Furniture and art are the two adjacent walls. We get a triangle which makes the space in the kitchen very effective. Regular schedule is sink, desk, refrigerator and stove.Angle kitchen designimage by


Rustic-angle Kitchen design -Tables-With-Gray-Walls


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Kitchen with island designers recommend for larger rooms. But this does not mean that if a 12-meter dishes you can choose a model island or peninsula. Design Kitchen Island can be P or L-shape with the desktop environment. Kitchen island looks modern, stylish, and most importantly, it is a by design-ideasimage by

U- Kitchen sets form the three walls of the room. This layout is very compact and extensive. Refrigerator, stove and sink is better to set the various walls, however, if the kitchen is in U form is set in a large room; it can be awkward to go from one desk to another.
Kitchen in U shape should form a minimum of 8 meters.

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