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Wrapped Yarn and Resin Based Furniture, a New Design


German based Studio Nito recently created the brilliant Bobina collection, a series of chairs and coffee tables made using a combination of yarn and resin. The intricate designs are breathtaking and modern, leaving you wondering how long it took them to make each piece.

The Design Process

The design studio developed a manufacturing process that results in three-dimensional textiles becoming structures that are durable enough to use while still maintaining its textile feel. The Bobina collection begins by wrapping resin-reinforced yarn around a mold to build up the curved surfaces. The woven pattern becomes more stable with additional layers, which can be made using various colors.

Resin 1
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Resin 2
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Resin 3
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Resin 4
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Resin 5
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The Absolute Worst Feng Shui House Features


As appealing as Feng Shui design can sound, there are many potential flaws with Feng Shui house floor plans, some more serious than others. Mistakes include everything from a bathroom facing the front door to a staircase in the center of a home. You’re going to want to learn to identify the main negative feng shui aspects of any home and know how to balance their challenging energy.

Direct Front Door-Back Door Alignment

Feng Shui 1

When applying Feng Shui principles to your home you need to imagine Chi, or energy, as water flowing into your space. You’ll notice that water rushes very fast through two or more directly aligned doors without actually slowing down and nourishing the space. What is especially important to avoid is the direct alignment of the front door with the back door. The reason you want to avoid this situation is because all good feng shui energy coming through the main door will easily escape through the back door without having a chance to circulate and nourish your home.

Staircase Facing the Front Door

Feng Shui 2
San Diego Feng Shui Blog
In Feng Shui practice the main door of your home is known as the “The Mouth of the Chi”. This is how the house absorbs its much needed Chi, or energy nourishment. When a staircase is facing the main door directly, the feng shui energy ends up rushes up quickly to either the lower, or the higher floor, thus leaving the main floor without feng shui energy nourishment. The staircase essentially steals all the chi from the main floor of the home.

Bathroom Facing the Front Door

Feng Shui 3

If your bathroom is facing the front door, most of the energy will easily escape through the bathroom, leaving little or no good feng shui energy to nourish your house. But don’t panic just yet, there are plenty of ways to improve the feng shui of a house with a bathroom door facing the front door. Click here for some practical tips to help you take care of this potentially bad feng shui situation.

Staircase in the Center of Your Home

Feng Shui 4
The problem with having a staircase that is placed directly in the center of your home is similar to that of having one directly facing the door, it will suck all the good energy up and not allow the Chi to circulate throughout the main floor. As a general rule, a staircase in the center is not good feng shui and needs a bit of care and attention.

Five Homes Designed For Optimal Indoor Outdoor Living


As soon as summer warmth comes around the corner people start looking for outdoor living solutions where they can enjoy the warm weather in the comfort of their own home. A nice big backyard, a refreshing pool or a nice deck for sunbathing are perfect for making the most of the heat. Here are five of the best homes designed to fully utilize both their outdoor and indoor spaces.

Two Houses at Nichada

Design Milk
This project designed by Alkhemist Architects in the suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand has a double volume living area that opens up directly to the pool when the sliding glass doors seamless disappear into the structure. You couldn’t ask for a better indoor/outdoor transition than this one!

The Californian

Design Milk
Although the space of this home is a narrow allotment, the Californian house by Coast Homes has an elongated deck and pool that run the length of the house. This unique design allows the various rooms in the home to open up to the outdoors. Not to mention, the house and landscaping are gorgeous.

The Fish House

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This unique home designed by Guz Architects was made specifically for the hot and humid climate of Singapore. It’s open covered spaces are designed to protect the residents from the sun while still providing natural ventilation. Pure genius!

Promised Land

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The Promised Land house in Amagansett, New York was designed by Bates Masi Architects and is divided into public and private wings. The sliding glass doors in the main living area open up to the central reflecting pool and outdoor space, making this indoor/outdoor integration absolutely stunning and effective.

The Cresta

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Designed by Jonathan Segal FAIA, The Cresta home in La Jolla, California has its ground floor living room completely open up to become an outdoor room that looks as if it is floating above the water. That is truly groundbreaking design.

Adding a Vintage Flair to Your Bedroom Walls


Dressing up your bedroom walls with vintage décor adds a little something special that makes your space truly unique. You can tell the entire story of an era simply by choosing the right pieces that encapsulate and embody that era’s ambiance and atmosphere. For those of you who love adding a little history and unique touches to your bedrooms, we’ve put together a go-to guide of all things vintage décor.


Vintage 1
Hannah’s Treasures

The 1930s was the Great Depression era where farmhouse elements ruled predominant in the design space. Some things you can use to add the 1930s vibe to your bedroom are painted, white decorative plates, simple floral wallpaper or painting your walls in the favored muted hues of the era: dove-gray or grayed lilac. A white, glass oil lamp on an embroidered, skirted table also adds a vintage touch.


Vintage 2
House Beautiful
1940s is all about that post-war optimism. Celebrate the era’s characteristics with ‘40s jewel-tone palette of deep reds, blues and greens to liven up your walls. Another way to add the 40s vibe is buying a Colonial-style poster bed with a ruffled canopy top and making sure your bedroom floor is carpeted instead of wood flooring.


Vintage 3

Our favorite thing about the ‘50s is the modern mod trend of adding bold colors, abstract artwork and simple Danish modern furniture in bedrooms. The bedroom walls were usually decked out with ‘50s aqua, a matching carpet and a button-tufted curving headboard. Another fun element of this era was the pastel color palette or pale pink and other ice-cream colors.


Vintage 4
The ‘60s was all about modern style with a bedroom palette that included warm neutrals and an array of bright colored solids and bold, geometric patterns. Yellow-green bedroom walls were totally normal along with a patterned bedspread and yellow, orange and hot pink! Tall lamps with wide shades and stacked ball bases were also very popular.

Simple and Stylish- DIY Dye Projects You’ll Love


Permanently dying something may seem a little scary at first, but its also a great way to get big results from your DIY projects with as little effort as possible. Adding a splash of color also gives your design a unique flair that no one else will have. Here are some ideas on how to transform your favorite textiles with a little added color!

Plain Duvet Turned Pink


Livet Hemma
Every wondered if you can get more from your plain old white IKEA duvet? Well now you can! Dye your bed sheets a pale pink to add a pretty color to your room that’s so easy and simple to do! Full instructions here.

Dip Cushions


These DIY Shibori dip cushions are to die for! Walking into a room for the first time you would never guess they were DIY but they are and they are so fun and easy to make. Learn how to here.

Dyed Napkins


Erica Rax
Erika Rax shows us how to take your napkins from bleak to chic! These DIY dip dyed napkins will definitely impress your guests and make you look like the stylish host you are.

Colorful Sheepskin Rug


Paper & Stitch

Dying synthetic materials may sound tricky but its definitely possible with these instructions from Paper & Stitch. Our favorite synthetic material to dye? This IKEA sheepskin rug. It looks much better in pink don’t you think?

Remodeling Ideas from Bathrooms with Classic Style


It’s easy to get carried away with temporary trends that come and go, but if you want to make sure your new bathroom will still look stunning twenty years from now as it did on the day you remodeled it you need to go classic! Here are some beautiful bathroom remodels that reflect that timeless, classic and effortless style.

The Grand Bathroom

Design Sponge

The dramatic effect in this bathroom was created by playing up the contrast of black and white with tile without spending a lot of money. Inexpensive hex tile and subway tile come together for a look that’s eye-catching but timeless. The bathtub also adds to the classic sophistication of the space.

The Traditional Bathroom

Ensemble Architecture

A great way to change up a traditionally designed bathroom is by adding a splash of life with patterned cement tile. It gives the perfect amount of texture and variety. If you’re a little hesitant about adding an element that’s too out there, pick a pattern in black and white.

The One Detail Wonder

Trad Home

An easy way to add classic memorability to your bathroom space is by adding one element that truly defines the space. In this case it’s the steel-framed shower doors that you can’t take your eyes off.

Vintage Flair

Design Sponge

To add some contrast and out of the ordinary flair to your bathroom replace your vanity with a piece of vintage furniture. The striking look will remain chic for years. Vintage never goes out of style.