Home Office Furniture


Particularly importance in the home has the home office. When choosing a home office furniture you should take into consideration the aesthetic, ecological side and the functionality of the furniture. A basic furniture for the home office is working table and chair. If there is space in the room can be placed ​​and a sofa, coffee table and furniture for resting. Office in the home is not just a place to work, it is a place for leisurely thinking and rest a few minutes, after which the work will be more productive. office-furniture-home-office-furniture-small-spaces-home-office-furniture-ideasimage by http://bplanproject.blogspot.ru/Great-Looking-Home-Office-Furniture-Functional-and-Attractiveimage by http://www.mansionideas.com/cozy-modern-white-home-office-design-ideas-with-corner-office-furniture-set-features-bookcase-and-office-desk-completed-with-various-sizes-of-stimage by http://www.refleta.com/

Modular office furniture is very convenient because you can make home office like you want, regardless of its size. Corpus home office furniture consists of modules, its basically a corpus. If you need you can use the module like a separate element. How to arrange the furniture in the office? home office space saving furniture
space-saving-mobile-office-blackhawk-secretary-trunk-image by http://architizer.com/home office modular furnitureimage by http://www.giesendesign.comexclusive-design-contemporary-home office furniture-stylesimage by http://shaunwoodictblog.blogspot.ru/

The most comfortable position on the desk in the room is with back to the wall, diagonally opposite with the door. Huge role in the office has the It is desirable lighting be by hand, which does not work or above, but not over the head. For convenience in working with documents in the workplace, put shelves in it by height and where you are comfortable to work with. It is desirable to have a cupboard with wheels. Supplementing of the office can be  that show the work of the owner. The walls are often decorated with photos or documents that are clearly talking about social achievements of the owner.furniture-interior-brown-wooden-home-office-desks-set-on-red-rug-combine-table-lamp-with-bell-shaped-shade-amazing-contemporary-home-office-deskimage by http://tikkat.com/scandinavian-design-white-country-home-office-furniture-green-executive-office-chairs-and-end-table-lampsimage by http://www.ecopresptc.com/Corner-Simple-Computer-Desk-in-Small-Office-Furniture-Ideas
home office furniture computer deskimage by http://realhousedesign.com/oak home office furnitureimage by http://hpmirror.com/White-home-office-furniture-designimage by http://www.ivldesign.ru/cottage home office furnitureimage by http://www.houzz.com/cottage home office furniture 1image by http://www.forfur.com/shabby-chic-bedroom-interior-decorating-ideas-wooden-white-desks-for-home-office-with-table-lamp-shadesimage by http://nordicbliss.co.uk/

DIY Accessories


Accessories made with your hands is not only unique jewelry that emphasizes the character of each girl, but also is a trendy attribute. Accessories you can buy, but best way is to make them by your hands, accessories made with your hands are always in trend. Hand made accessories can be made from different materials such as beads, crystals, large and small, pearls, leather, fur, colored feathers, textile etc… Before you can start making any kind of hand made accessories, you should consider where you want to wear and which will combine.diy accessories

DIY belt

summer-diy-fashion-projects-accessories-braided-belt-broachimage by http://4revergirl.wordpress.com/

DIY Necklace

diy necklaceimage by http://hicraftshop.blogspot.ru/

If you have a gold necklace and you do not like the color can simply paint in a different color.diy accessoriesimage by http://luanabalbine.com.br/

Shawl never goes out of fashion and is a great accessory for any occasion, easy to combine with any outfit.2 fashion-diy-projects
DIY-Fashion-T-Shirt-Scarfimage by http://dicas-paranosmulheres.blogspot.ru/DIY-Fashion-Scarf

Every fashionable girl is not indifferent when she sees a bracelet, but a bracelet that is hand made gives a special charm.diy braslet accessories
Bracelets-DIYimage by http://www.pomyslodawcy.pl/

DIY Bracelet





Diy necklace accessories you can make from pearls, buttons, textile and other materials.4diy necklace accessories
DIY-accessories-hair-belt-necklaceimage by http://diycraftphotos.blogspot.ru/

You can make a variety of accessories for the hair, but these accessories are smaller and with them you must work carefully.beaded-hair-elastics-diy
hair accessories diyimage by http://redlipsandcandykisses.blogspot.ru/

Istanbul Turkey


Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and is the one of the biggest cities in the world. Istanbul Turkey is the only city that is located in two continents. Istanbul is founded in around 660 BC as Byzantium. In that time on Bosporus came Greek settlers. In the 1974 year Byzantium felt under the Rom authority. From the year 330 BC was named Constantinople after the Roman Emperor Konstantin. Today, Istanbul is a big industrial, trade and cultural center in Turkey. The city has big home banks, foreign insurance companies and agencies. The main part of the city is on the European part and is divided with the bay. The golden horn in the south part of the region is often called Old Istanbul (Sultanahmet and Taxim), and the north regions of Galata and Beyoglu (Pera antique). Not less antique area Scutari (Uskudar) is located on the Asian part of Istanbul Turkey.istanbul turkey


istanbul turkey grand bazaar

Most of the historical monuments in the town are centered around the Sultanahmet area- the center of the Byzantium and the Ottoman Imperia, as well as an appropriate place for going to many other interesting places in the city (is located near the main traffic center Eminonu, on ferryboat terminal and the main train station, as the Galata bridge-“the Gate Golden horn. Galata Kulae is one of the oldest monuments in Istanbul. It can be seen from almost every part of Istanbul. The Prince Archipelago-is an archipelago from nine islands that are one of the administrative units of the province Istanbul.Istanbul-Turkey


 Hagia_Sofia_Istanbul Turkey




istanbul turkey hagia sophia

istanbul turkey hagia sophia inside


They have been named after the thing they were used for, from the Byzantium rulers, and then after the Ottoman Imperia. Hagia Sophia is considered for the best sample of the Byzantium architecture and a symbol of the former greatness of this nation. First, it was an orthodox temple and in the 15th century was turned into a mosque. Today, the cathedral is one the most beautiful museums in the world. One of the biggest attractions is considered to be the Palace Topkapi. It is the palace of the sultans, their wife’s, concubines, thousands of officers. Topkapi once served not only as a residence of the rulers of the Ottoman Imperia, but also was the seat of government agencies.Palace Topkapi







Aqueduct-of-Valens-in-Istanbul-Turkeyimage by http://en.wikipedia.org/oludeniz-beach-near-fethiye-on-turkish-riviera-istanbul-turkey



Storage Bench For Your Home

storage bench for kids room

Storage bench, furniture design that will find a place in every home. Storage bench can be placed anywhere in the home.

If you decide to set storage bench in the hallway, you can leave your stuff while you dress or  undress for going out. On storage bench you can take a seat ,in storage bench you can keep your footwear and items for maintenance of footwear. storage bench for the hallwayimage by http://www.hiiraqna.com/storage bench for the hallway image by http://envyhouse.blogspot.ru/storage bench for the hallway 1image by http://www.avidekiotthon.hu/

If you decide to storage bench in your kitchen, you will save space in the kitchen and will provide comfort during eating.kitchen benchimage by http://www.forfur.com/fair-renovation-ideas-window-benches-designs-bay-bench-entryway-storage-mudroom-furniture-design-remodel-interior-cushions-bow-home-how-to-kitchen-windowimage by http://protinews.blogspot.ru/kitchen-table-sets-bench-seatingimage by http://www.heimdecor.net/

Storage bench excellently fits in your child’s room, into it can stand toys ,during the game child can sitting on it, on storage bench can lay and soft toys will decorate the interior.storage bench for kids room
window-seat-bench-cushions-interior-decorating-ideasimage by http://studiomorado.blogspot.ru/smart-storage-solutions-for-your-kids-roomimage by http://www.welke.nl/

Storage bench for living roomstorage bench  for living-roomimage by http://www.betadecora.com.br/storage bench  for living-room 1image by http://en.moderndecorat.com/storage bench for living room window seatimage by http://homeidb.com/

Bedroom Storage Benchbedroom benchesimage by http://www.decorpad.com/modern_bedroom_storage_bench_wynwood_furniture_windsor_manor_wooden_bedroom_storage_benchimage by http://www.idreamhomez.com/Sophisticated-and-Elegant-Storage-Bench

Storage bench is a great solution for small terrace where you can not set up the table with chairs. With storage bench will save some space on the terrace, and in her you can store them the necessary things for on terrace. Storage bench you can do with your hands, with dimensions what you want.pallet-outdoor-benchimage by http://solarelements.biz/modernmagazinimage by http://www.tophomedesigns.com/Custom-Modern-Patio-Bench-Storage-Ideasimage by http://www.patiosdepot.com/

How To choose Concealer

Color Correction Concealer

Corrector or concealer is a tool which is designed to remove all flaws of the face such as acne, birthmarks, enlarged pores, etc. Concealer is used to cover dark circles under the eyes. Usually corrector is in bright beige color with a dense creamy texture. Concealer is used to mask the small imperfection or blemishes on the skin and face. Concealer been in several shades of beige from bright beige to dark beige, depending on the skin color and lack that you want to hide. Depending on the situation you need to select the appropriate color concealer .

How to choose concealer?

-To eliminate dark circles under the eyes need to use concealer in the color of milk closer to white.

– Concealer in blue or green color is used to cover redness on the face. Perfect for problematic skin.

– Blue concealer will help you to mask the effects of excessive use of the solarium.

-The darker  concealer can be used to change the shape of the face and nose.

-White concealer is used to mask freckles on the face and sculpting.

– Bronze and gold  concealer will make your face darker and will cover acne.

-With orange concealer will correct too pale skin, bruising under the eyes and the small veins in the circle of eyes.

-Yellow concealer is great cover for blue / violet circles under the eyes that often appear as a result of fatigue.

– If you have light skin choose a bright pink shades of concealer. For dark skin complexion corrector select the tones of peach.how to choose concealerimage by http://mandarynabblog.blogspot.ru/Color Correction Concealerimage by http://mmnoob.blogspot.ru/Color Correction Concealer
colored_concealerimage by http://theblondeshell.com/ concealer paletteimage by http://www.emporioargan.com/modernmagazin 1image by http://apopofcolour.com/modernmagazinimage by http://andiandalusia.blogspot.ru/


DIY Refashion Your Old Boots

modernmagazin 2

Autumn is on the doorstep, a time when the rains are beginning and a colder weather. It is time to prepare your shoes and boots for autumnal rains. I believe that every fashionable woman when it opens her closet with shoes, does not know what to do with old boots and shoes. She will be sorry to throw them, but they just occupy space in the closet. To avoid this problem can easily be made boots and will be in trend. Don’t you think that is a very complex work, you will need just a patience and fantasy. The simplest way that you can make with your boots is to make tape of textile and fasten it around the boots. The boots you can color, to decorate with pearls, pearl buttons, everything depends on your imagination. Check out our creative ideas.diy glitter rainboots kid how timage by http://www.homeheartcraft.com/

DIY Bootsmodernmagazin 2image by http://naughtybaubles.blogspot.ru/

Decorate rubber boots with ribbon and beads.


rain-boot-embellish-diy-image by http://www.dailywt.com/diy rubber bootsimage by http://www.pinterest.com/pin/201395414558210371/

Paint the old rubber boots.



paint boots

paint boots


Decorate boots with pieces of fabric, jewelry, leather.

diy-bohemian-bootsimage by http://www.fashion-pristine.com/BootsSpikesimage by http://www.brit.co/Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIYimage by http://www.kakprosto.ru/DIY-boots-stepsimage by http://www.brit.co/diy-overknees-makeoverimage by http://fashion.onblog.at/modernmagazinimage by http://curlymade.blogspot.ru/Belted-FEaturedimage by https://plus.googleapis.com/wm/4/+BellezaFacilisimo/posts/Z3oBGTaVH2C

DIY Refashion Your Old Boots



Boots-Color-Blockimage by http://www.brit.co/