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The Unfiltered Life of Howard Stern


Howard Stern has absolutely no filter. He says every single thing that comes to his mind and has capitalized on his bluntness on his radio show. But after all these years, even Stern himself couldn’t predict this would happen. And how was his wife connected to all of this?

Stern has put his foot in his mouth more times than we (or he) can remember. He has insulted people, bullied others, and was a real jerk if we are being honest about it. Luckily for Stern, he had his loyal audience that loved his outrageous behavior. But then some unbelievable things were revealed.

21 House Cleaning Tips You’ll Want to Steal (Photos)


You don’t need a truck full of industrial strength cleaning supplies to clean your home. There are plenty of tricks and tips that can get your home looking clean in record time.


Staring at brown smudges on the bottom of your cookie sheets probably doesn’t make you feel like Martha Stewart. To remedy that, mix ¼ cup baking soda with a little hydrogen peroxide (enough for a toothpaste-like consistency). Then, rub it on the bottom of your cookie sheet in small circles. After letting it sit for a few hours, rinse and marvel at the shininess.

How These Stunning Celebrity Wives Look Now


Celebrity actors, musicians, and other superstars pretty much have their pick of who they’d like to marry, and often times the relationship turns into a full-on Hollywood scandal.  Let’s take a look at some famous celebrity wives from years past and see what they’re doing now. It’s been years since celebs like Tiger Woods have been in the spotlight for his marital problems with ex-wife Elin Nordigen.

Nobody Noticed This Shelter Dog, But Then Everyone Loved Him


You’ve probably seen those cute pictures of pit bulls making goofy faces, or you’d come to love the pit bull dogs that have come into your life. You know they’ve got loads of personality, that they’re loyal and friendly dogs, and you probably also know that they get a bad reputation in the world of animal adoptions and with animal ownership in general. Of course, you’ve gotta ask why a breed would be demonized in such a way, but you’ll also want to learn first-hand how one dog, Sheldon, managed to set himself apart from the masses of pit bulls, to demonstrate his unique personality. It’s true… Nobody noticed the shelter dog, but he really was one-of-a-kind, and he was bound and determined to prove it!

The Wives Behind the Wrestlers


By If you’re anything like us, you’ve grown up watching WWE and getting to know and love all of the wrestlers and divas. You’ve learned their fighting styles, their crazy histories, and of course, their dramatic love lives. Well, these wrestlers also have love lives outside of the ring. These are, by far, the hottest wives of your favorite WWE wrestlers. See how they look now and what they’ve been up to, aside from the occasional smackdown.

40 Of The World’s Deadliest Snakes Discovered


There are hundreds of venomous snakes around the world that are rarely heard of. These deadly species have even found themselves slithering into people’s homes. We bet you never thought it could happen to you. You might have to start sleeping with one eye open.