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14 Easter Nail Designs

easter nail art

Approaching Spring holiday Easter. Symbols of this spring holiday you can use to design your nails. For design Easter nails use the symbols of Easter holiday eggs, bunny and use the colors of spring green yellow blue etc. If you looking for Easter nails designs we found for you 14 Easter nails designs which we hope will help you how to design your nails and be trendy.Easter-Bunny-Nail-Art-Designs-Ideas-image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/250090585534072266/Cute-Easter-Gel-Nail-Art-Designs-Ideas-Trends-Stickers-2015-2image by http://astana.akm.olx.kz/easter nail artimage by http://www.islaay.com/easter nail art-modernmagazinimage by http://lusterlacquer.blogspot.ru/easter nail designs 2015image by http://thewhoot.com.au/easter nail designs 2015 image by http://www.hairdesign2015.com/easter nail designs 2015 image by http://www.nailartplan.com/easter nail designs 2015 image by http://spoki.tvnet.lv/easter nail art image by http://imgkid.com/easy-spring-nail-designs.shtmleaster nail art 3image by http://www.duitang.com/easter-egg-nail-artimage by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/160440805449861697/easter-egg-nail-art 1image by http://sonailicious.com/Adorable-Easter-Egg-Nail-Art-Ideasimage by http://naildesignmagz.com/easter nail designs 2015 4image by http://happynailscharlotte.com/

15 Best Way to Store a Bike in a Small Apartment


Many of us can not afford to have a big house or apartment, the bigger problem appears if in small flat or has no storage or is very small and can not fit all of our items. But, if properly planned space in a small apartment can put what we want. Many of us who live in a small apartment have a bike and wonder where to leave after its use. Some put in the hallway while others choose not to buy bike for the reason that there is no place to keep it. However ,this problem should look on the other side. The bicycle can be a decorative element in your home, you can place it on the wall or on ceiling.bicke storage ideasimage by http://fortheloveofbikes.blogspot.ru/need-place-store-your-bike-try-one-these-cheap-and-simple-diy-bicycle-racks.image by http://domo.plius.lt/shelfie-bike-rack__image by http://mieszkanioweinspiracje.pl/stylish-bike-storage-ideas-for-your-home-or-garage-1image by http://www.decosee.com/bike-living-room-storage-designimage by http://umbrinco.com/bike-storage-solutions-rackimage by http://thegadgetflow.com/minimalist-bike-bedroom-storageimage by http://granninredning.se/Elegant-Modern-Home-Office-Design-Interior-Used-Wall-Bike-Storage-Ideas-in-Minimalist-Space-for-Home-Inspiration-to-Your-Houseimage by http://home-office-ideas.net/best way to store a bike in a small apartmentimage by https://www.dnevnik.si/best way to store a bike in a small apartment 1image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/253046072787560376/best way to store a bike in a small apartment 3image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/95771929552564765/bike-storage-racks-interior-design-ideas-image by http://www.radionetplus.ru/bike-storage-racks-interior-design-ideas- 1image by http://kreativeideer.com/bike-storage-racks-interior-design-ideas- 2image by https://jossefru.wordpress.com/bike-storage-racks-interior-design-ideas- 3image by http://www.chegarova.ru/

Healthy Easter Treats


Many of us are looking for Easter recipes. But since summer is in front of us, we recommend you do not exaggerate with too strong and extensive food. Healthy food will not ruin your line and you will not feel hungry on this wonderful day. We suggest you to make healthy Easter treats, for them especially are happy kids. You can decorate as your kids like. For making healthy Easter treats will not spend a long time in kitchen. In preparation and decorate on healthy Easter treats can help you your children.birds+nest+pretzels healthy easter treats image by http://galleryhip.com/bird-nest-cookies.htmlbirds+nest+pretzels healthy easter treatsimage by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/51509989460246268/Easter_Baskets_solid_colorimage by http://spanglishbaby.com/Easter-Bunny-Apple-Fruit-Snackimage by http://galleryhip.com/easy-fruit-creations.htmlhealthy easter treats to makeimage by http://virginiacgaleria.blogspot.ru/healthy easter treats to make 1image by http://www.maededois.com/healthy easter treats to make 2image by http://www.halfhourmeals.com/Peanut-butter-easter-eggsimage by http://www.savynaturalista.com/DeviledColoredEggsimage by http://www.wallpapermania.eu/Easter-Bunny-Cakeimage by http://thewhoot.com.au/easter-recipe-bunny-cupcakes-image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/87749892714414831/EasytoMake-Rice-Krispies-Treat-Egg-Nestsimage by http://foodfamilyfinds.com/healthy easter treats to make 3image by http://chefmom.sheknows.com/healthy easter treats to make image by https://yourwellnessjourney.wordpress.com/

Easter Decor Ideas

easter decor ideas

Easter is one of the long-awaited holidays that equally are happy as children also and adults. Preparations for Easter begin advance. Many of us with the preparations for Easter as a rule start cleaning the home and disposal of all unnecessary items from the home, changing winter decorative elements with spring decoration. Decorate your home for Easter should be in bright colors, with no great contrasts. Welcome colors for Easter decoration of the home is green, yellow, purple, orange, blue. Key attributes for Easter are Easter wreaths, Easter bunnys, colored eggs and chocolate.EasterDecorimage by http://deavita.fr/easter decor ideasimage by http://daybydaymum.blogspot.ru/easter decor ideas 1image by https://enjoymoments.wordpress.com/easter decor ideasimage by http://livingroomdecoratingideas-hd99.rhcloud.com/modernmagazin treeimage by http://vcvetah.com/

1. Easter wreath can set the front door on the outside or inside under the fireplace or elsewhere. Easter wreath can do from natural and artificial materials, primarily depends on yourself and what you want to do.Easter wreathsimage by http://stylowi.pl/easter-home-decor-ideasimage by http://designmag.fr/-Creative-and-Easy-Handmade-Easter-Wreath-Designs-image by http://www.stylemotivation.com/

2. Easter bunny. Easter bunny is especially interesting for the children, they will gladly help you until you do it. It can be set as an ornament on Easter eggs, Easter basket or wreath, or elsewhere. easter bunney bagimage by https://everythingorganized.org/pompom-bunny-modernmagazinimage by http://spoki.tvnet.lv/easter-bunny-basketsimage by http://www.positivelysplendid.com/

3. Easter eggs Easter eggs are beautiful by themselves. To decorate your home for Easter can use as natural colored eggs and artificial that you yourself can do. You can make candle holders in the form of eggs, Easter eggs can set the table as the central decoration.Easter eggsimage by http://vandagoes.blogspot.ru/ Egg-Wrappers-DIYimage by http://thediydreamer.com/diy-craft-springtime-easter_eggs-colored-dyed-decorated-tutorial-egg_hunt-easter_ideasimage by http://www.crafthubs.com/modernmagazin eggsimage by http://www.murom-mama.ru/

4.Chocolate easter eggs. For Easter can do with your hands or buy them and decorate.chocolate easter eggs decorimage by https://waddleseggs.wordpress.com/decorate-chocolate-easter-eggsimage by http://www.purdys.com/Egg_Basket-image by http://www.purdys.com/

Backyard Pool Ideas


Swimming pool in yard is the desire of everyone of us, regardless of age. But not everyone can afford to have a pool, preference is given to those who living in house or weekend house. On pool especially happy are children. Pool will not only save you from the summer heat, also you can relax and enjoy in evening. Pool can be used as a reservoir for store water for irrigation of the yard and garden. In the pool can grow fish. First do you have to pay attention when building a pool is its location. The location should be pleasing to eyes and will not interfere with others and the environment. When you are in the pool or lying on a deck chair need to feel comfortable and safe. The size, shape and material of which will be made pool, depends on your financial capabilities. If you are prepared to spend more, pool and its format will be larger. The easiest and most cost-effective option is a rectangular pool. Desk chair by poolside is desirable to set on only one meter from the pool. Beside the pool is good to have plants palm trees to be protected from the sun while you lying down.affordable backyard pool ideasimage by http://tovtov.com/ affordable-backyard-pool-ideasimage by http://www.homelandguild.org/Backyard-Designer-Backyard-Pavilion-Designs-with-Poolimage by http://www.swcengineers.com/Backyard-Ideas-On-A-Budget-Backyard-Design-Ideas-on-a-Budget-With-Swimming-Poolimage by http://www.tapeta-basen-ogrod-kwiaty-altanka.na-pulpit.com/backyard-luxury-swimming-pool-waterfall-and-landscaping-led-lighting-design-ideasimage by http://hazirselale.com/backyard-poolimage by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/61643088624729359/backyard-pool -modernmagazinimage by http://danielmount.blogspot.ru/backyard-pool -modernmagazinimage by http://www.homebyhouse.com/backyard-pool -modernmagazin image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/434104851555741000/backyard-pool -modernmagazin image by http://francotechnogap.com/comfortable-and-modern-backyard-pool-design-ideasimage by http://homelxz.com/comfortable-and-modern-backyard-swimming-pool-designimage by http://www.houzz.com/comfortable-and-modern-backyard-with-swimming-pools-designimage by http://ferodoor.com/inground-pools-with-slide-design-inspiration-image by http://www.hmsmsry.com/vb/t48765/interesting-backyard-poolimage by http://www.homelandguild.org/landscape-lighting-around-pool-for-small-backyard-ideasimage by http://galleryhip.com/inground-pools-at-night.htmlsmall_garden_pool_design_-_home_architecture_trends_small_backyard_pool_design_ideas_image by http://www.merchantcircle.com/Surprising-Swimming-Pool-With-Waterfall-Ideas-in-Pool-Contemporary-design-ideas-with-backyard-pool-waterfalls-backyard-swimming-pool-waterfallsimage by http://njcustomswimmingpools.com/

How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs


The chocolate Easter eggs are particularly happy children and we adults can not remain indifferent.
To prepare the chocolate Easter egg you will need:

4 eggs (chocolate)
biscuits 1 piece,
powdered sugar 1 tea spoon,
mascarpone 60 grams,
2 tablespoons cream,
1 tablespoon orange jam,
¼ tablespoon butter

How to prepare
To prepare egg yolk in a bowl place the butter and let melted then add the apricot jam, stir well and leave in the fridge to cool. In another bowl put powdered sugar and cream and mix them nice until you get a thick paste then add the mascarpone and mix again nice. Chocolate eggs that are purchased is best to be in refrigerator about 1 hour, then remove them slowly, cut the top part , if brake paste with melted chocolate, biscuits shred them finely. On lower part of the egg paste biscuits and then the cream repeat again. Then remove a bit of cream and biscuits and place bile of jam and butter. Place in refrigerator about 1 hour.cheesecake-filled-chocolate-easter-eggsimage by http://www.handimania.com/chocolate easter eggs - easter recipes easter food ideas-modernmagazinimage by http://valentines2015images.com/

Decorated Chocolate Easter Eggs

4  Medium-sized eggs;

– Several types of chocolate;

– Confectionery syringe;

4 Sticks for lollipops;

– Carrying egg.

How to prepare

Take a knife and slowly make a hole at the bottom of egg, should be small hole. Then slowly let out the liquid egg or put inside tube and slowly pull.Then wash the eggs and leave them to dry. Then put eggs in hot water and let boiling on low heat 2-3 minutes, this will help to clean eggs from salmonella.Then remove from water and allow to dry. In the bowl of steam melt chocolate. Then put chocolate in cooking syringe and fill the eggs, put in every egg stick lollipops. Then put the eggs in the refrigerator until chocolate not cool nicely. Then clean the bark of eggs.These eggs you can decorate as desired.how to make chocolate easter eggsimage by http://www.wartimehousewife.com/chocolate-dipped-easter-eggsimage by http://www.createdby-diane.com/how to make chocolate easter eggs image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/168744317258182008/