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Creative DIY Ideas For Your Home


Our favorite kind of DIY is home DIY that creates fun and useful pieces for all parts of your home. Here are some fun and useful ideas you can use for your garden, your living room, your kitchen or whatever you like. Use this inspiration as your starting point to creating amazing things in your home!

DIY Ideas 1


This wooden baby crib is the perfect project for your little ball of joy to sleep soundly in.

DIY Ideas 2

There’s no shortage of things you can do with wooden boxes. These painted boxes are brought back to life and made to be super useful as storage and display units!

DIY Ideas 3

Make your very own paper fortune cookies with printed pattern paper. This is great for entertaining guests with!

DIY Ideas 4

These cute little spoon fish make for a great wind chime to hang in your backyard.

DIY Ideas 5

DIY Ideas 6

Who knew there could be so much to do with old light bulbs? Don’t throw them away! Get to decorating and add some pizazz to any room with these intricate creations.

DIY Ideas 7

Old wine and martini glasses also make for great candle holders you can decorate your garden with.
DIY Ideas 8


Old cans of tuna lying around? No problem! Decorate them with these laundry hooks and make the cutest planters or candle holders! Everyone will be asking you where you bought them.

6 Professionals on 6 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid


Before you dive into planning for your dream kitchen, listen to these wise words from architects, interior designers and builders that can avoid potential disasters in the future.


1. Builder Christopher Spring from Habitat Construction & Developments says he would never install a sink in his kitchen island. Unless you want your dirty dishes to be surrounded with random junk like bills, keys, and week old junk-mail! You don’t want to add to your inevitable mess.

2. Architect Tom Ferguson of TFAD says he would never build a cooktop with full-height cabinetry on either side. Having full-height cabinetry next to your cooktop will leave no bench space for heavy and scorching pots and pans, which will make it difficult and not to mention unsafe to use.


3. Interior Designer Sonia Simpfendorfer of Nexus Designs says she would never choose a stone as a benchtop without testing it first! What’s going to happen when you inevitably spill red wine, oil and lemon juice on your countertop? Make sure to take a sample home before ordering a whole set of stones and punish it with different spills to see how it holds up to the test before committing.

4. Architect Dominic Alvaro of Woods Bagot says he would never reveal his fridge and let it stand alone. Unless you plan on getting an amazing industrial scale Sub Zero. A fridge that is integrated into the rest of the kitchen is much more pleasing to the eye and makes sense from a design and functionality point of view.

5. Architect Juliet Moor of Edwards Moore says she would never base her kitchen on an image alone. The kitchen is a functional space that should reflect its owner. As we are all different, you should base your kitchen on how you specifically plan to use it. That way it will be the most ultimate use of functionality tailored to you.

6. David Jonas of Jonas Construction says he would never choose corner units. Corner units are difficult to install, and an overall waste of space. They can also become quite expensive with retractable baskets and additional accessories.

Move Over Rose Quartz And Serenity, The Fall 2016 Colors by Pantone Are


rose quartz 1

New York Fashion Week may seem like a scene exclusive to the fashion-privileged VIPs among us, but you may not now that Pantone always manages to steal the show.

During the week-long style event, the color authority releases a list of the colors that will define the upcoming season, and this year’s bunch, which includes six brand new Pantone colors, is so beautiful we’re already craving Fall.

According to Pantone, the ten-shade palette was inspired by a “desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism,”

Check out all ten autumnal shades below.



Riverside blue is the cool yet strong hue that Pantone predicts will dominate our Fall 2016 wardrobes. The color exudes repose and calmness.

Airy Blue

airy blue

The reason for this color’s newfound popularity is the serenity and versatility associated with its light shade.


rose quartz 2

Grey is always a popular choice in the colder seasons, but Sharkskin puts the edge in it and makes it stand out from other neutrals. As the name implies wearing this color will help you toughen up!

Aurora Red

aurora red

One of the more vibrant colors popular this fall, this color gives you a feeling of warmth and sensuality and is immediately pleasing to the eye.

Warm Taupe

rose quartz 3

For the love of neutrals, this fall hue is the most versatile of the bunch. It pairs flawlessly with every other color on the list, but can also be worn solo in a high-end monochromatic look.

Dusty Cedar

dusty cedar

Dusty Cedar is warmer and more complex take on the average pink. This fun hue is an adaptation of the previous season’s Rose Quartz.

Lush Meadow

rose quartz 4

This is not your average green. The brightness, panache and depth of color elevates this lush tone to new heights.

Spicy Mustard

spicy mustard

It’s true, the name reminds you of a ballpark condiment but the color itself is exotic, zesty and uplifting. Reminiscent of the hue Marigold, this color is perfect for Fall.

Potter’s Clay

potery clay

Another fall neutral, this hue is earthy and similar to orange. The difference is that it’s more subtle, grounded and rooted.


rose quartz 5

You may not have seen this one coming, but bodacious is here and it works better than you think in the Fall! A combination of pink and purple this bold shade is actually quite versatile.

10 Ingenious Ways to Store Things at Home


Although it may not seem possible, finding clever store solutions will create room for comfort and extra space in even the smallest of homes. Not convinced? Check out our list of X ingenious storage solutions to see what you can recreate at home!

Scarf Hanger

Store Things 1


Use a coat hanger and the rings from a shower curtain to create this one-of-a-kind solution for hanging your scarves. Now you’ll never have to pile them up in the corner of your closet somewhere. Space saved + more organized.  A win, win situation!

Hidden Ironing Board

Store Things 2

Save a ton of space by creating this fold-out ironing board that’s built into a cupboard. Genius! No more fussing with an unruly ironing board and stubbing your toe when trying to get it out the closet.

Spice Rack and Can Shelving

Store Things 3


Even in the narrowest spaces of your kitchen you can set up clever shelving that stores all your cans and spice containers.

Pots and Pans in Funny Places

Store Things 4

A sliding cupboard can be used to store pots and pans vertically hung rather than bottles. You just opened up a whole cupboard for more storage opportunities!

Kid’s Activity Mat

Store Things 5


This activity mat is the answer to every mother’s prayers! It easily turns into a bag so you can clean up your kids’ mess in seconds.

Jewelry Hanger

Store Things 6

Just stretch a piece of wire across an empty picture frame and you have an instant jewelry display. Hang your jewelry and help decorate your home!

Fold Out Shelves

Store Things 7

Not enough counter space in your kitchen? No worries! Build these amazingly useful fold-out shelves and you instantly add extra counter top that hides below when its not being used. Magic!

Under the Bed

Store Things 8

There is tons of space in places you’d never think of like under your bed! Make use of all that square footage as a storage haven for all your stuff.

Lid Storage

Store Things 9

A personal favorite, this storage trick is a genius way to store the lids of saucepans on the inside of cupboard doors. Besides being clever, you’re also making the lids more accessible for use when you need them.

No More Tangled Wires

Store Things 10


Who hasn’t struggled with yards of tangled wires to find that charger you lost years ago? Never again, with this nifty trick! Place folded wires into cardboard toilet paper rolls and watch how much easier it’ll be to find your cables when they’re not busy getting tangled up in one another.

Creative Ideas for Making a Charming Garden Pathway


A garden pathway is not only a functional necessity for walks and to prevent grass deterioration, but also a charming addition that adds to the atmosphere of your garden. The best part is you can get as creative as you like with choosing the material and decorative elements of your garden pathway. Keep scrooling for some inspiration to make your garden pathway as unique as can be!

Garden Pathway 1


The options for what materials to use in your pathway are truly endless! You can use stone, bricks, concrete tiles or even wood logs. We love this mosaic style stone path surrounded by patches of grass and greenery. Or this wooden log pathway over a bed of rocks.

Garden Pathway 2


Another creative solution is using round concrete blocks that can be surrounded by gravel or soil.

Garden Pathway 3


Red bricks don’t have to be only for walls! Use them in a pathway design like this one to create a unique feel in your garden. This design will surely catch the eye of everyone who passes it.

Garden Pathway 4


If you’re looking to exude an earthy atmosphere, use these small black stones.

Garden Pathway5


It may seem odd, but old tires can be recycled to make retro modern garden pathways like this one. Use grass to fill the middle and broken pieces of red brick to surround them and complete the imaginative look.

Garden Pathway 6


Modern Minimal Bathroom Design Inspiration


Simple, minimal and clean. That’s how every bathroom should be designed, right? Here are some beautifully modern bathroom designs for all you minimalists out there who know the true meaning of less is more.

Bathroom Design 1


Playing with geometric shapes and curves is part of the beauty of minimalist design you see in this bathroom. The cityscape view doesn’t hurt either.

Bathroom Design 2


Bathroom Design 3


We also love when designers play with the use of neutral colors like black, white and grey. This clever color-coordination adds to the minimal chic vibe of this bathroom.

Bathroom Design 4


Bathroom Design 5


A truly bright space doesn’t need much. This beige colored marble tiles and use of geometric see-through panels echoed in the mirrors completely brightens up and enlarges this bathroom space.

Bathroom Design 6


Did anyone say monster square Jacuzzi in the middle of the bathroom? Don’t mind if I do…

Bathroom Design 7


We are in love with the curved shapes used in this shower design! How retro chic is that? Plus the mirrors reflecting the same curved look really pulls it all together.

Bathroom Design 8


One word. Serenity.

Bathroom Design 9


This bathroom is modern, simple, minimalist and cleverly utilizes straight rigid lines in creating the perfect clean space to shower and get ready.