Old Items Become Functional Again: Easy Repurposing Ideas



Before you go out and buy a whole new set of home items remember, ‘One person’s trash is another person’s treasure’. But, that treasure can be yours again too! There are infinite ways to repurpose items you initially thought to throw away so that they become a brand new item with a whole different function!

Not only are you reducing waste, but your saving money too.

old frame → bulletin board

old frame

Purchase rolls of cork from any office supply store, place inside the old frame and you’ll have a brand new bulletin board for your home or office.

cookie tin lid → wall clock

cookie tin lid

Drill a hole in the center of an old cookie tin lid and insert the hands and clock mechanism salvaged from an old clock.

decorative serving tray → scarf holder

decorative serving

Remove and relocate the handle of an old decorative serving tray and hang on the wall. Thread scarves through the lattice work of the tray and voila! You have a gorgeous scarf hanger to hang in your bedroom. ‘

vintage cameras → book ends

vintage cameras

Make wooden bases from scrap lumber and attach them to the bottom of the cameras for height and stability and you have a pair of quirky book ends!

twin headboard → coat rack

twin headboard

Simply cut off the legs of the twin headboard, paint the headboard a crisp white and add hooks! It costs less than $20 to create this beautiful decorative piece made functional as well.

So next time you think of throwing something away, take a minute to reconsider how you can make it functional again!