Move Over Rose Quartz And Serenity, The Fall 2016 Colors by Pantone Are

rose quartz 1

New York Fashion Week may seem like a scene exclusive to the fashion-privileged VIPs among us, but you may not now that Pantone always manages to steal the show.

During the week-long style event, the color authority releases a list of the colors that will define the upcoming season, and this year’s bunch, which includes six brand new Pantone colors, is so beautiful we’re already craving Fall.

According to Pantone, the ten-shade palette was inspired by a “desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism,”

Check out all ten autumnal shades below.



Riverside blue is the cool yet strong hue that Pantone predicts will dominate our Fall 2016 wardrobes. The color exudes repose and calmness.

Airy Blue

airy blue

The reason for this color’s newfound popularity is the serenity and versatility associated with its light shade.


rose quartz 2

Grey is always a popular choice in the colder seasons, but Sharkskin puts the edge in it and makes it stand out from other neutrals. As the name implies wearing this color will help you toughen up!

Aurora Red

aurora red

One of the more vibrant colors popular this fall, this color gives you a feeling of warmth and sensuality and is immediately pleasing to the eye.

Warm Taupe

rose quartz 3

For the love of neutrals, this fall hue is the most versatile of the bunch. It pairs flawlessly with every other color on the list, but can also be worn solo in a high-end monochromatic look.

Dusty Cedar

dusty cedar

Dusty Cedar is warmer and more complex take on the average pink. This fun hue is an adaptation of the previous season’s Rose Quartz.

Lush Meadow

rose quartz 4

This is not your average green. The brightness, panache and depth of color elevates this lush tone to new heights.

Spicy Mustard

spicy mustard

It’s true, the name reminds you of a ballpark condiment but the color itself is exotic, zesty and uplifting. Reminiscent of the hue Marigold, this color is perfect for Fall.

Potter’s Clay

potery clay

Another fall neutral, this hue is earthy and similar to orange. The difference is that it’s more subtle, grounded and rooted.


rose quartz 5

You may not have seen this one coming, but bodacious is here and it works better than you think in the Fall! A combination of pink and purple this bold shade is actually quite versatile.

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