Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern style (or Art Nouveau) is a popular trend in the arts, including architecture and design, which appeared in the late 19th – early 20th century. For designing the interior in modern style characteristic things are curves, curved lines, the more room levels and asymmetry. Interior in modern style fit into the space of contemporary apartments large rooms, little furniture and conservative design solutionsmodern interior design ideasimage by design ideas

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Main detail in modern design is natural wood, not less popular stone and mortar. In modern interior design are used muted colors and shades of gray, milk, blue, green, white, purple, coffee and walnut. The furniture in modern style is made of solid wood, decorated with bronze divans and sofas and a patterned silk armchairs with curved legs. When choosing a modern style furniture you should pay attention to the curves natural textures. stylish-and-modern-apartment-interior-designimage by by living room interior design ideasimage by interior design ideas 1image by interior design ideas 2image by

The floor in a modern style can be made of boards with natural wood texture parquet or floor tiles in color.

Modern style ceiling can be painted or with decorative parts (stained glass) ceiling in a modern style characterized by the use of beige, brown, pink, blue, various shades of blue and other natural dyes. You shouldn’t use in the ceiling strong neon colors. Lighting in a modern style needs to be week in order to create romantic and comfortable atmosphere. In the modern style chandeliers and table lamps in unusual shapes of glass, wood and metal. Element decor in modern style must contain elements of nature, whether they are vases, pillows, mirror or live plants.modern-dining-room-design-ideasimage by by ideasimage by ideasimage by

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