Mexico’s Copper Canyon Offers a New “Edgy” Dining Experience


Mexico’s Copper Canyon 1

Northern Mexico’s stunning Copper Canyon is a series of massive canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, popular amongst adventure-seeking hikers. It is not however, what you would expect for the location of a luxury bar and restaurant resting off one of it’s cliffs.

Mexico’s Copper Canyon 2

Many architects dream of creating a complex nestled between dangerous mountain canyons, but Tall Arquitectos made their dreams come true by creating Biré Bitori, a luxury diner and cocktail bar embedded in the rock face high above the beautiful natural landscape of Copper Canyon.

Mexico’s Copper Canyon 3

The daring location of the building allows visitors a peak into the magnificent panoramic view of the canyon and the famous Basaseachic Falls.  That is of course if they are brave enough to walk across the buildings vast translucent glass floor!

The concept calls for a bar and lounge area situated within the overhanging volume, with a mezzanine level that grants views through the glass floor to the canyon floor. Copper Canyon drops to depths of up to 6,000 feet, meaning this particular establishment is not for the faint of heart.

Mexico’s Copper Canyon 4

The entrance of the complex is also quite extraordinary as it is marked by a minimalist wall and water feature with steps descending to the restaurant below. The interior design of the structure takes its inspiration from the natural materials around it, causing you to feel one with your breathtaking surroundings.