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Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean is located on the east of Madagascar. Most of the island Mauritius is surrounded by coral reefs. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis. Mauritius is a volcanic island of lagoons and palm trees, beaches and coral reefs that surround most of its coastline. Mauritius is located approximately 2400 km from the southeastern coast of Africa. The island covers an area of ​​1865 square kilometers or 720 square miles and has 330 miles of coastline. Turquoise lagoon, white sandy beaches, emerald tropical greenery and luxury hotels, is what makes the island one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in the world. The climate on the island of Mauritius is a tropical marine.mauritius-island

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From November to April, the temperature is 23-33 C, with high humidity. In the winter months – from May to October, the humidity is lower than in the summer months; the temperature is 17-23 C. Every hotel on the island of Mauritius is such a small town, with its own green area, bars, restaurants, spas, shopping, golf, swimming pools, surfing, beaches and lagoons. The island of Mauritius is no industry, no industry giants, only sugar cane plantations and highly developed tourism. In addition, Mauritius has magnificent mountain and plant vegetation. It is interesting to visit earth Colored Mauritius.

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A Land with a kaleidoscope of colors ranging from green, purple, blue, red, yellow, brown, an amazing sight. Geologists believe that this country was formed by atmospheric volcanic rocks. Mauritius is one of the best places in the world for a romantic vacation and honeymoon. Colorful ceremony in accordance with European, Creole and Indian traditions.ConstanceMauritiusmauritius holidays 2image by by by by