Makeup Trends 2015


Make-up is an essential element of style. How much to successfully combine wardrobe without good nurtured face, all efforts will be futile. Fashion make-up changes such as changing wardrobe. Fashion make-up for 2015 allows you to look natural. Most popular are the pastel colors, that create makeup that highlights the natural beauty of every woman.-Natural-Face-Make-Up-looks-Ideas-Styles-Trends-2015-16image by

1.Makeup Trends 2015 -Brows

Thick eyebrows that seem to have been neglected are in trend in 2015. For those who do not like this trend should not despair, for these fashion makeup artist propose clear lines of thin eyebrows, ladies can use pencil eyebrows. Eyelashes shouldn’t  be with maximum length, you can put a little mascara on them.dolce-and-gabbana-fall-winter-2015-16-beauty-look-tips-and-products-image by Trends  brows 2015image by

2.Makeup Trends 2015 -Face

Facial skin needs to be perfectly smooth and matte color of milky colored porcelain with natural blush in pink color. Eyelashes shouldn’t be with maximum length but only with a little mascara, lips are emphasized only by  gentle pastel colors.Face-Makeup-Ideas-Looks-Trends-2015-2016image by Trends 2015image by Makeup Trends 2015image by

3. Eye Makeup 2015 

The main trend is eye makeup, cat eyes. The basis of this is to create a makeup in almond-shaped with a long arrow. Smokey Eyes not goes out of fashion for several seasons and is in trend in 2015. The color of eye shadow should choose according to your eyes and a wardrobe that will wear. Among modern colors of eye shadow in 2015 are gray, silver, blue, purple, brown, beige, cream.Beautiful-Summer-Inspired-Eye-Makeup-Tutorials-2015-16image by by by by

4 .Lip Makeup  trends 2015

In 2015, the fashion is natural color of lips and it can use lip gloss. To create the effect of the pale lips, on them can put ton basis and then powder. One of the hottest trends in the world of make-up lip in 2015 orange lips, gloss or lipstick. News in season 2015 will be hombre lips. This is a smooth transition from one color to another. As you can see trendy makeup in 2015 are very diverse. The choice is by  trends 2015 -beauty-ss2015-trends-purple-haze-image by Trends 2015  image by

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