Makeup For Green Eyes

Green eyes

The women with green eyes do not have to worry about makeup. There are many colors that are favorable to emphasize this charming eye color. Green eye color can vary from light green to blue border of the iris and the deep dark green with black frame. The optimal variant of makeup for green eyes are all shades of purple. This color is suitable as for daily makeup and as well as for night makeup. To highlight the beauty of the green eyes, it is desirable to use different shades of brown, dark green with gold or copper colors. In addition you can be use the shadow, gray-brown or peach color.Makeup-tips-for-green-eyes-2014image by for greeen eyesimage by

For makeup of dark green eyes fit almost all colors of eye shadows. However, the best look is with dark green intensive shadows and shadows in saturated colors.Makeup-For-Green-Eyes-And-Blonde-Hairest-urban-decay-eyeshadow-colors-for-green-eyesimage by eyes 1image by by image by

For bright green eyes are undesirable dark shadows, in extreme cases, they may be appropriate in the outer corner of the eye. Choosing light shadows for green eyes, think to combine the color of the iris.bright green eyesimage by by

For gray – green eyes, choose shadows in green or pale blue. If you have dark skin, then it is better to use a blush in peach color and choose shadows in warmer colors: beige, brown and

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If you’re a brunette with green eyes and white skin should pay attention to the shadows with silver and gold color. For bright hair and light skin with green eye you can choose shadows in pale purple, greenish – blue, bronze, peach tones. You can even experiment variations of gray.Wedding Makeup For Green Eyesimage by eyesimage by eyes makeup naturalimage by by https://pose.comgreen eyes makeup natural image by