Landscaping Ideas for the Low-Maintenance Yard


Don’t we all just want to be able to enjoy our backyards without having to care for them around the clock? These low-maintenance landscaping ideas will help you do just that!

Create Outdoor Living Spaces


Chris & Peyton Lambton

The more outdoor space you have to set up patio furniture, tables, chairs and entertaining room, the less green patches you’ll have to take care of! It’s genius and it allows you to truly enjoy your outdoor area by lounging around or entertaining friends.

Pick the Right Stone

Chris & Peyton Lambton

Although it may be pricey choosing the right type of stone to landscape your yard with is crucial to not having to maintain and upkeep the stone all year round. One great option is bluestone, which has a dense composition making it incredibly durable. Despite the name, bluestone comes in a variety of colors such as brown, gray, orange and blue, of course.

Build a Strong Foundation

Chris & Peyton Lambton

Part of having a low maintenance yard is making sure your foundation is stable so as to avoid future fix-ups. A great way to do this is to lay a 6-8 inch layer of compacted pea stones before laying a stone patio. This prevents weeds and keeps your patio level throughout the years.

Plant Lavender


Lavendar provides a relaxing aroma and beautiful burst of color to your yard. Not to mention, it is one of the lowest maintenance plants you can have, requiring to be watered only once or twice a week if you don’t live in a climate with regular rain. Even better is that the lavender scent acts as a natural bug repellant to protect the rest of you garden as well!