Laminate Flooring Design Ideas

laminate flooring

Today laminate flooring  with high demand are good for social facilities as well as private homes. And part of it is primarily because of the relatively low price and excellent quality external specifications. How to properly select laminate and what is unnecessary to pay attention?

First you need to pay attention when choosing a laminate floor is the level of endurance. The degree of durability depends on the thickness of the melamine resin (top) and determines in the taber-if the taber is high the laminate will be stronger.

Laminate flooring for home use (class 21-23) and in social objects (class 31-34) when you choose laminate for home, don’t forget about its thickness, which is very important. The thickness defines how well the layer of the laminate will absorb the unwanted noise. Laminate floor for home should be with thickness not smaller than 6-7 cm. If the base is easy to be montage, it has low price, it is resistant to high temperatures, easy to maintain, and after montage the laminate should not be painted and has a big palette of colors and designs. The flaws of the laminate floor are weak isolations, and not resistant to water.laminate flooringimage by room laminate-flooringimage by room laminate flooringimage by flooring design ideasimage by kitchen image by laminate  flooringimage by white laminate flooringimage by laminate flooringimage by for bathroomimage by room laminate flooring image by flooringimage by by by by by

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