Kitchen Island Ideas

Today, many world furniture manufacturers make their own design of a kitchen with island, which fits perfectly in the interior of the kitchen and every decorative element. The smallest island that you want to put in the kitchen needs to be 1 square meter and the kitchen shouldn’t be less than 15-18 square meters. With the kitchen island the kitchen is divided to work zone and dining zone. angled kitchen island ideas image by by

When the kitchen is together with the living room, with the island you can get two rooms. On the kitchen island you can put work surface, compact fridge, as well as a sink, gas cooker. The only difficultness is that you will have to bring water, electricity, gas etc. on the island and the only option is to put the utilities under the floor. This has to be planned in advance in the first phase of the kitchen island ideasimage by kitchen island ideas
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The kitchen island can be used as a dining room table. A kitchen with island can be in L-form r U-form with n additional work surface in the middle. This kitchen looks elegant and stylish, and it creates a comfortable atmosphere and functional inner design. The kitchen island does not have to have a correct form. Its design can be many different; it all depends from you and from the room. When designing a kitchen with island you need to know that the design should strictly respect the rule of the triangle. This means all the components of the triangle (the fridge, the sink, the cooker and the work surface).kitchen island designimage by island with stove ideasimage by by by by kitchen islandimage by portable-kitchen-islandsimage by by by by

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