Interior Designer Approved Favorite Color Palettes

You’re getting ready to move into your dream home when the anxiety starts kicking in. How on earth will you design it?

Luckily, the main decision you need to make is what color palette to use for each room. Once that’s been decided on it’s all fun and games picking out items that fit your vision for the space. Although choosing a color palette isn’t the easiest decision to make either. The world of color is endless and knowing how to mix and match colors to work cohesively is no easy feat. To help you make a smart and stylish decision we found what the experts had to say.

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CLOTH & KIND’s design firm is renowned for their ability to create spaces with history and heart. All of their projects are incorporate a meticulous mix of one-of-a-kind finds and a heavy dose of unique and custom textiles, curated art and furnishings. Their overall design aesthetic is always classic with a modern vibe and a worldly influence.

Their Go-To Color Palette

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The designers at CLOTH & KIND agree, a combination of blue, purple and pink is the go-to color palette. Blue is a lovely color that pairs great with different hues of pastel, ranging from blush pink to rich plumy purples. This color combination creates a calm, relaxed yet sophisticated room.

The Best Way to Choose a Color Palette

The ladies at CLOTH & KIND recommend beginning your design process by choosing a specific item that you truly cherish. Whether that be an artisanal textile, a vintage rug, a piece of your children’s art or flowers blooming in your yard. Once you’ve chosen your signature piece the color inspiration you can draw from that is endless. Being guided by the hues in something you already love will invariably lead you to an interesting and personal color story in your space.

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Chris Patey

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