Interesting Stories About San Fransisco

San Francisco is very popular, and one of the most frequented place by tourists in the USA. It attracts visitors as it has the best places of interest. To start with, a visit to San Francisco will help you explore the hills that are highly famous in the U.S. This city is full of history, and there is a lot of things to do and see in San Francisco. Below are some details about this city that you need to know:

Cliff House

The history of this house dates back to 1863. This house is found at the Golden Gate Recreation Area in San Francisco. Whenever you’re hungry, something is overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Sutro Wing with a gorgeous dining room in two-story.

San Fran Cable Cars

Another interesting thing about this place is the San Fran cable car. This is iconic as the car system was first produced in 1873. And between 1873 to 1890, more than 20 lines were established. But now, there are only three working routes which are located from downtown to Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square and the third is found along California Street.

Russian Hill

This place is famous for its crooked streets. It is a beautiful street that was designed to help bring vehicles down carefully through the steep hill. This place is certainly worth a drive down, but you need to be careful as there will be a lot of tourists taking photos.

Alamo Square Park

Alamo Square Park is a perfect place for a picnic offering the most spectacular city views. But, do not miss the park east side view that has the painted ladies sitting on Steiner Street. Between 1892 and 1896, these houses were built by Matthew Kavanaugh, a developer who lived close by at 722 Steiner Street.

Napa Valley Wine Train

Visiting San Francisco means you cannot miss Napa Valley Wine train ride for three hours. It takes you through stunning vineyards to enjoy tasting local wines and enjoy great food. This is a vintage train and riding is a luxury.

San Francisco is dotted with amazing places; you can hire a good tour guide so that you can avoid many troubles. These tour guides know every detail of this city.

San Francisco is undoubtedly beautiful, but the nightmare is finding parking. It is a dense city with low public parking spaces that finding a slot to park your vehicle is frustrating. There are active construction permits throughout San Francisco, and they take away almost 4000 parking spaces, nearly three public spaces meant for parking. The more infuriating thing here is that these planned constructions fail to happen and eventually these parking spaces are taken by car-owners and stay unused by the public for parking.