An Igloo For Your Garden to Enjoy All Year Round

Igloo For Your Garden 1


It may have taken her two year but designer Cagla Isin Alemdar has finally created a space that enables you to enjoy your backyard all year round, regardless of the weather. The Garden Igloo, as she calls it is specially made for providing a space that is able to withstand any climate changes and allow you to be cozy inside enjoying your time.

Igloo For Your Garden 2


The multi-purpose geodesic dome is large enough to stand up in, and is able to be completely enclosed, protecting you from rain, wind, or insects.

Igloo For Your Garden 3


The special design allows it to be able to easily change covers depending on what it’s being used for. It includes a transparent cover, a canopy cover, and a mosquito net cover.

Igloo For Your Garden 4


It’s like adding an extra enclosed room to your backyard. You can even add furniture inside it without worrying about everything getting rained on.

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