How to Make Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns is a universal solution for interior design of any home. With using Paper Lanterns you can decorate your Lanterns if you do not like, and it will decorate your interior. They can be a main accent in interior, important is their color to be in harmony with other colors in interior. Lanterns in color of paper can make any child, you just need to tell him what to do and help him. And of course the main thing is to decorate and paint as child wants. For making Paper Lanterns you need remnants of wallpaper, plain or colored paper, glue, pencil and scissors. Lanterns can be in any shape and size. Lanterns are beautiful by themselves, if do not light they are beautiful.-Beautiful-Star-Shaped-DIY-Paper-Lanterns-That-Will-Beautify-Your-Special-Moments-image by https://flipboard.comDIY Paper Lanterns To Decorate Your Homeimage by Paper Lanterns To Decorate Your Home1image by Paper Lanterns and lampsimage by by by by by to make paper lanternsimage by to make paper lanterns3image by to make paper lanterns1image by by by by