How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs


The chocolate Easter eggs are particularly happy children and we adults can not remain indifferent.
To prepare the chocolate Easter egg you will need:

4 eggs (chocolate)
biscuits 1 piece,
powdered sugar 1 tea spoon,
mascarpone 60 grams,
2 tablespoons cream,
1 tablespoon orange jam,
¼ tablespoon butter

How to prepare
To prepare egg yolk in a bowl place the butter and let melted then add the apricot jam, stir well and leave in the fridge to cool. In another bowl put powdered sugar and cream and mix them nice until you get a thick paste then add the mascarpone and mix again nice. Chocolate eggs that are purchased is best to be in refrigerator about 1 hour, then remove them slowly, cut the top part , if brake paste with melted chocolate, biscuits shred them finely. On lower part of the egg paste biscuits and then the cream repeat again. Then remove a bit of cream and biscuits and place bile of jam and butter. Place in refrigerator about 1 hour.cheesecake-filled-chocolate-easter-eggsimage by easter eggs - easter recipes easter food ideas-modernmagazinimage by

Decorated Chocolate Easter Eggs

4  Medium-sized eggs;

– Several types of chocolate;

– Confectionery syringe;

4 Sticks for lollipops;

– Carrying egg.

How to prepare

Take a knife and slowly make a hole at the bottom of egg, should be small hole. Then slowly let out the liquid egg or put inside tube and slowly pull.Then wash the eggs and leave them to dry. Then put eggs in hot water and let boiling on low heat 2-3 minutes, this will help to clean eggs from salmonella.Then remove from water and allow to dry. In the bowl of steam melt chocolate. Then put chocolate in cooking syringe and fill the eggs, put in every egg stick lollipops. Then put the eggs in the refrigerator until chocolate not cool nicely. Then clean the bark of eggs.These eggs you can decorate as to make chocolate easter eggsimage by by to make chocolate easter eggs image by