How to Make a Scarf


Scarf is the accessory without which can’t modern woman. Scarf except that protects from cold and has aesthetic appeal and complements the wardrobe. Modern women are trying to have all the trendy scarves, but they can’t always buy a new scarf. Scarf can do it yourself. If in your closet are shirts, sweaters that do not bring can make a shawl from them. Such scarf to decorate with buttons or to make flower brooch, depends on your by http://hotandchic.wordpress.comcotton-striped-scarf-tutorialimage by to make a scarf for t shirt
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You can also crochet scarf. It is a little more complicated, it will be necessary needles, yarn and schema upon which you knit. If you want knitted scarf, but you don’t know to knit, don’t despair. Surely you have a knitted sweater or dress .DIY-Lace-Scarfimage by 2image by to make a ruffled crochet scarfimage by https://www.etsy.comHow-to-make-stylish-finger-knitted-scarves-step-by-step-DIY-tutorial-instructionsimage by scarf modernmagazinimage by by