How To Choose Mirror Ideas

how to choose mirror living room

The mirror is a mandatory part of the furniture in each home. With using a mirror you can visually increase the room. When setting the mirrors there are two basic rules, if you want to visually make the space bigger the mirror should stand vertically, if you want to expand the space set horizontal mirror. The thickness of the glass should be a minimum of 4-6 mm, and how thicker the glass the better and more expensive the mirror will be. When you choose a mirror you should pay attention to the mirror frame to match the style of the to choose mirror living roomimage by

If you decide to buy a mirror for the bathroom, where there is high humidity, then it is better not to buy a mirror with aluminum frame, frame mirror can lose its luster. For material of the frame, choose stainless steel or to choose mirror for bathroomimage by to choose mirror for bathroom 1image by to choose mirror for bathroom image by

For small and dimly lit hallway, if you place two mirrors set walls or place a mirror on the door of the hallway, lockers also will visually make the space bigger.  If you decide to decorate the bedroom with mirror, be careful where you place the mirror, is not always pleasant to look at the mirror directly.Attractive-Hallway-With-Modern-Interior-Contemporary-Mirrors-And-Furnitureimage by for hallwayimage by for hallway image by

In the bedroom is recommended that you put the mirror as a decorative element behind the bedroom so when you to lie down on the bed you will not see yourself. Mirrors in the bedroom can be set on the toilet table.Single-Bed-With-Wall-Mirrorimage by by by

Mirrors as decorative elements you can place the daily kitchen also. It looks nice if there are smaller mirrors on the wall.mirrors in kitchenimage by  in kitchenimage by