How to Choose Drapes

Drapes, comes from the French word «Draper» – upholster fabric, and drap, cloth, bed sheet. With the help of various drapes, you can create a unique drapes, for window in your home, for your interior. With the drapes, the room looks higher and completely will changed atmosphere in the room. There are many types of drapes that are fixed in one position and, you don’t have to constantly open and close the curtains. One of these types is drapes curtain with overlap. Draperies of this type are fixed for cornice, usually metal. For drapes on the window, you can use different materials: silk, taffeta, watered silk, muslin and other. blue-and-brown-and-tan-striped drapesimage by by by by

You should know that fabric for drapes should be thicker. Methods of setting drapes are many. What will you use, depends on you and your interior. Of all the options, I think that special attention deserves drapes by the swags. This is a classic style of setting drapes which is trendy today. With this method is not seen as a hanging drapery and cornice. The default setting drapes works on the principle of the braid, but form softer and lighter folding. Such decorations, are suitable for most fabrics and looks nice. French braid pavilion is complex kind of drapes and requires special attention to detail. The width of each folding is calculated with great precision, depending on the width of the curtain.MyHouse_Drapesimage by by by by by to choose drapesimage by to choose drapes 1image by contemporary-window-treatmentsimage by by by by

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