How To choose Concealer

Color Correction Concealer

Corrector or concealer is a tool which is designed to remove all flaws of the face such as acne, birthmarks, enlarged pores, etc. Concealer is used to cover dark circles under the eyes. Usually corrector is in bright beige color with a dense creamy texture. Concealer is used to mask the small imperfection or blemishes on the skin and face. Concealer been in several shades of beige from bright beige to dark beige, depending on the skin color and lack that you want to hide. Depending on the situation you need to select the appropriate color concealer .

How to choose concealer?

-To eliminate dark circles under the eyes need to use concealer in the color of milk closer to white.

– Concealer in blue or green color is used to cover redness on the face. Perfect for problematic skin.

– Blue concealer will help you to mask the effects of excessive use of the solarium.

-The darker  concealer can be used to change the shape of the face and nose.

-White concealer is used to mask freckles on the face and sculpting.

– Bronze and gold  concealer will make your face darker and will cover acne.

-With orange concealer will correct too pale skin, bruising under the eyes and the small veins in the circle of eyes.

-Yellow concealer is great cover for blue / violet circles under the eyes that often appear as a result of fatigue.

– If you have light skin choose a bright pink shades of concealer. For dark skin complexion corrector select the tones of to choose concealerimage by Correction Concealerimage by Correction Concealer
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